Soham Grammarians : Together again 50 years on - 1980

Over 30 elderly gentlemen from all over the country came back to Soham to relive their schooldays on Wednesday [30th April 1980] when they attended the Senior Old Soham Grammarians Luncheon Reunion. It was the second time the group had held a reunion and they were delighted that nearly twice as many former students in their sixties and seventies attended than last year.

To belong to the senior group, students had to have started at Soham Grammar School's old Churchgate Street site before 1930. It took some extensive detective work by some of the organisers to track down their former colleagues, many of whom had not seen each other since leaving school over 50 years ago. Of course, the former demon spin bowlers football forwards and athletes of old had changed a little in half a century, but as soon as the portly figure with rheumatic fingers mentioned his name there was instant recognition and enthusiastic reminiscing.

About half the company present still live in Cambridgeshire, but the rest came from as far afield as London, Norwich, Leigh-on-Sea, Romford and Aylesbury. And messages of greeting and good wishes came from other old boys who for reasons of health and distance were unable to attend.

Two particularly special guests at the lunch, held at the Swan House restaurant, Fowlmere, were two former masters who taught at the school during the twenties. The duo asked to become honorary old boys so they might attend future reunions.

Next year's lunch was set for April 22nd and the organisers said they hoped even more old boys from the twenties could be traced by then. Many members will meet again in October, when they attend the regular Old Grammarians dinner in Soham.

Source: cutting received by Wilkes Walton (1936)
Memories were jogged by collections of pictures of "the good old days" including this one of the 1924 Cricket 1st XI, sent by Mr Almond, who was unable to attend the event.

Mr Almond, second left in the middle row, was vice-captain of the side, and although he was unable to come, two members of the team and the brother of a third were present. Those present were Mr Eric Mitchell (left, front) and Mr J Diver (right, front) along with the brother of Mr C Tabeart (second right, back).

Cricket 1st XI 1924

Back: Bill Britton - Rae - Viv Mitchell - C Tabeart - Porter
Centre: Cranwell - Almond - Porter (Cap) - Edwards - Leeding
Front: Eric Mitchell - Roy Touch - J Diver

Was someone in your family at this reunion in 1980 - who were the two masters?

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