Soham Grammarians : 1959 entry - RAT's Form 1T

standing (5): Terry Parker, Ginger Washtell, Geoff Fernie, RAT, Dana Curtis (USA), Roger Johnson, Philip Leslie, Richard Smith
row 4: Terry Ellingham, Steve Lemmon, Terry Newman, Ali Barber, Ralph Dunham
row 3: John/Tim Jordan, David Anderson, Terry Impey, Terry Mackender, Alfie Bass, Neville Bussingham, John Murray
row 2: Rocky Ward, Dave Patterson, John Dimmock, Robin Dabrowa, Michael Smith, Dannie Nicholas, Nigel Faben
front (row 1) Lindsay Hancock, Tom Crawford, Raymond Butler, Stuart Porter, Duncan Staines, Johnny Gentle, Graham (?Terry) Potter
source of photo: Mr Gordon Hemmings: identifications by Ali Barber, John Dimmock, Nigel Faben, Frank Haslam
Not shown: Frank Haslam (arrived Dec 1960)
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