Soham Grammarians - The First AGM of the Old Boys' Club, 15th Dec 1920


Another pleasant evening was spent by the Old Boys and their friends on Wednesday, May 5th.

The Old Boys' Club which was formed in June, 1919, proved very successful and has filled a much felt want in bringing about the re-union of the Old Boys of the School. A most successful Whist Drive and Concert was held in October, 1919, an account of which appeared in THE GRAMMARIAN.

The members of the Club number at present fifty-two, but it is hoped to increase this number considerably during the present year. The Editor of THE GRAMMARIAN, as will be seen, has kindly placed a number of pages at the disposal of the past pupils of the School, and thus the Old Boys have space in which to express their views and to write articles of general interest.

It may be noted in passing that the Secretaries are appealing for articles from Old Boys with which to fill up these pages and also for annual subscriptions to the Magazine, so that this organ may be widely distributed among Old Boys, and the activities of the School made known to them.

from the Soham Grammarian, Christmas Term 1920, via Malcolm Coe 57, nephew of RCO Leonard, then Editor & Captain of School Cricket XI, Senior Prefect

The First Annual General Meeting of the Club was held in the School, and a fairly large number of Old Boys and members of the present staff of the School were present.

The Head Master, as President, occupied the chair, and proceedings commenced with the election of officers, the following being appointed : -

PRESIDENT : - The Head Master.
VICE-PRESDENTS : - Messrs WH Mould and F Wyatt Manning.
TREASURER : - Mr R Clark.

Messrs. PJ Palmer, R Brewster, B Isaacson, FH Holden, SC Ludmon, HJ Martin, S Tebbitt, A West, F Butcher, and Misses EM Viney and I Rouse (Members of the present staff of the School).
HON. SECRETARIES :- Messrs. AJ Covell and HW Hawes.

The programme for the coming session was, discussed and it was agreed that a cricket match should be arranged between the School and Old Boys ; and also that a number of events should be left open to Old Boys at the School Sports.

The question of a War Memorial then arose. The meeting was of opinion that a tablet should be erected in the School, and the Secretary was instructed to obtain particulars of the cost, etc., of a small marble tablet with the names of the fallen inscribed thereon.

It was also decided to carry out at an early date one of the original objects of the Club, namely, to prepare and circulate a complete list of all past students of the School and to " star " the members of the Club. The Committee was instructed to arrange this.

The President then brought up for discussion the question of contributions from Old Boys to the School Magazine. He said that if a sufficient number of Old Boys subscribed to this organ, the Magazine Editors were quite willing to devote a number of pages entirely to the Club. After some discussion, it was agreed that the Secretary should endeavour to obtain readers for the Magazine from Old Boys and also contributions.

The Secretary gave his financial report, which showed a credit balance of 3 10s. 2d. for the year ending Dec., 1919.

After the meeting more Old Boys and their friends began to assemble for the Social. It was noticed that although the attendance was fairly large, the majority of those present were from Soham. About fifteen tables were occupied for whist, Mr Platt being the MC. The prizes were won by the following : - Ladies, First Prize, box of chocolates, given by Mr R Waddington, Miss F Leonard ; second prize, fan, given by Mrs R Clark, Miss S Roe. Gentlemen : First prize, shaving set, given by Mrs Platt, Mr A West. Second prize, box of cigarettes, given by Old Boys of the Institute, Mr F Butcher.

A most enjoyable concert followed, the music rendered by the Soharn String Band being very much appreciated. The Misses F Rouse, F Leonard, and C Ennion delighted the audience with their songs, and Mr Burgess was heard to advantage in "Land of Hope and Glory." In fact, everyone agreed that they had spent a very pleasant time, and those responsible for the arrangements were well satisfied with the success of the Social.

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