Soham Grammarians Mr HFW Catala MA (Cantab)
English & French 1947-1951

Soham Grammarian Autumn 1947

Our next task is a very pleasant one, namely to offer a welcome to the three new members of the staff, Mr. Browning, Mr. Catala, and Mr. Saunders. We hope that their stay with us will be long and happy.

Soham Grammarian Summer 1951 - Festival issue

We reluctantly say goodbye to Mr Browning and Mr Catala, who leave us this term after having been with us for several years. Mr Browning has taught History and Mr Catala English and French and both of them Swimming.

It is due to Mr Catala that descants are now sung to many of the school hymns and on several occasions he has delighted us with piano recitals.

To both we offer our best wishes and hope they will be happy in their new posts.

Soham Grammarian Autumn 1951

Both Mr JB Browning and Mr HFW Catala made suitable farewell speeches at the conclusion of last term, when they were presented with gifts, Mr Browning with a wristlet watch amd Mr Catala with an elegant cigarette box.

Photo: L-R Francis Catala (English & French 1947-1951), John Browning and Peter Taylor (RAT), 1951: Browning

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20 Dec 10 John Butcher 47: I don't think we had a 'proper' music master in that period. There were a few music lessons and I remember Mr Catala took some of them. He had a very idiosyncratic way of sharpening the thorn needles for the gramophone, peering at the point over his spectacles. Another memory of Francis Catala - he also taught some Spanish, by way of an informal series of classes (no examinations) for the Sixth Form. [... but John now reflects he himself would have been in the LV, so was it someone else? Ideas in an email to the editor please.]

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