Soham Grammarians: Mr RW Dunning, Art, Pottery & Craftwork 1945-48

Soham Grammarian Summer 1948

Once again an Editorial has to include a farewell. This term it is to Mr RW Dunning, who has been with us now for nearly three years. His interest and participation in the school and its various spheres of activity have gained him a warm place in our affections. Apart from maintaining the Art of the School at a high standard, he has also been responsible for the development of pottery and craftwork.

The marionettes and the puppets made by the lower school under his guidance have provided us all with considerable amusement and enjoyment. Swimming is another activity of the school that Mr Dunning has helped to develop and the Thursday night Art Club has served to maintain and increase the ability of the "A" forms. As the make-up artist and a co-producer of the Dramatic Society he has also done valuable work.

His loss will be keenly felt, but on behalf of all we should like to wish him great success and happiness in his course at Goldsmiths' College of Art.

from the 1946 School photo

If you can add memories of Mr Dunning or provide other photos of him, please contact the editor.
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