Soham Grammarians - Form 4B in 1954

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The image was scanned from a paper print: if you can provide an original for scanning please contact the editor. What time of year was it taken?

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* My name is Roman Ralph Czumaj (1954-55). I am listed as being in class 1T. I was known by 'Ralph' in those days, for obvious reasons! My memories are a bit vague, as I was a forces kid, and went to many schools in my life, but there are some things which stick out very clearly in my memory.

Alan Frost writes: Ralph Czumaj, Richard Maslen and Chris Maxwell all had fathers in the RAF and I don't think Ralph and Richard even entered form 2K although Chris Maxwell was certainly around until at least the 3rd form. Brickwood's Dad had also been in the RAF, I think, but he stayed local. My friend John Cornwell is still contributing to the economy and therefore has all his facilities and memory still and might be able to fill in a few more details. Mentally going through the morning roll call I seem to recall we also had a Dent (Cambridge) and Tim Washtell (Reach)** who presumably were absent for the photo. Alan Parish (Stretham) joined this form in 2K as a late entrant from secondary school and possibly Bill Sandham (Ely). Bill I think had been at King's School Ely but may have come from Needham's.

** Tim arrived in the 2nd year which is why he is not in this photo

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