Soham Grammarians - Mr DJ Kilvington, English 1968-71

Soham Grammarian Summer 1971

Mr David Kilvington

This term we say farewell to a member of staff who has in his quiet way made a place for himself in all of our hearts during his all-too-brief time with us. While it is to our loss that he leaves we are pleased that he does so to take up a senior post in Ilkley Grammar School.

When this is read it will be but an item in his third edition of his quiet revolution in the format and content of our school magazine. The front cover is just one example of one of Mr. Kilvington's natural gifts, namely the ability to encourage and utilise the abilities of others.

Two professional productions, of Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest' and Shaw's 'Arms and the Man', remain in our memories, their pace and polish being the result of his natural attention to detail. In addition to making much of the naturally talented boys he has encouraged other less able boys to enjoy drama and develop a love for the theatre.

from the 1970 School photo

Theatre visits, numerous readings in school assemblies, badminton coaching in games periods and careers guidance to his fifth form are just some of the varied contributions the school has enjoyed during his time with us.

The English department has benefited from his leadership during his time with us. At the highest level, J Harding, P Easy and recently J Hoskins and J Gammon have received much of his free time for guidance in their reading for Scholarship or University Entrance papers. He leaves behind him a sense of scholarship, a capacity for hard work and a kindly disposition to all who work with him.

We wish Mrs Kilvington, Mr Kilvington and their young family happiness and contentment in their new home. Di vobis omnia fausta fortunataque dent.


Once again, I must record my thanks to the very large number of people who have helped with the production of this year's magazine. The names of all members of the school who have contributed appear elsewhere; and few members of staff have escaped the Editor's requests (or blandishments) for help. Of all, though, the greatest debt is owed to Miss Pat O'Keeffe who has faithfully and accurately typed all the copy - all 15,000 words of it.

For the last time, my sincere thanks to everyone.


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