Soham Grammarians : 20-22 July 1972, the final production

or The Lass who Loved a Sailor
by WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan


The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter - Martin Allen
Captain Corcoran - Andrew Murkin
Ralph Rackstraw - Mark Gamble
Dick Deadeye - Stephen Yeomans
Bill Bobstay, Botswain - Richard Hillman
Bob Becket, Carpenter - Duncan McFarlane
Marine - Peter Bolton
Josephine - Simon Taylor, Ian Johnson
Hebe - Nigel Parker
Little Buttercup - Robert Wiseman

Sisters, Cousins and Aunts
Neil Agnew, Lee Gillett, Philip Taylor,
Clive Bussingham, David Glover, Andrew Tiley
David Cheeseman, Alastair Gunn, David Warren
Mark Dant, Richard Lait, Robert Webb
Clive Dunbavin, Andrew Jennings, Andrew Wilkin
Mark Evans, Christopher Price, Clive Whitwood

Crew of the Pinafore
Bernard Anderson, David Scott, Alan Steel
Bruce King, Christopher Shinn, Paul Stowe
Philip Lane, Richard Simpson, Richard Street
David Plumb, Stephen Snell, Robert Taylor

The action takes place on the deck of H.M.S. Pinafore

There will be one interval, during which coffee will be served.

source : EH Tabraham

Programme cover by Stephen Murfitt.

Set Design & Construction - Mr PJ Askem, Mr RGS Bozeat, Stephen Murfitt, Robin Hill, Anthony Nix, Simon Melton, Vincent Gudgeon
Posters and Programmes - Stephen Murfitt
Lighting - Simon Thornhill, Eric Scannell
Make Up - Mrs M Cornell, Mrs S Beeby, Mrs J Peers, Mr AG Cornell, Mr M Rouse
Stage Manager - Mr RJ Humphry
Business Manager - Mr RJ Abbott, assisted by Kevin Stone, Paul Peachey, Philip Mason
Accompanist - Mrs J Yeomans: Musical Director - Mrs VMC Laird
Producer - Mr RJH Makin