Soham Grammarians - Mr Donald H Riley ARCM LRAM (Lond) 1966-72

We believe Mr DH Riley died on February 9th 2013, aged 76.

Soham Grammarian Summer 1966

New members of the staff so far appointed for September are Mr BJ Bartholomew, who takes over the gymnasium from Mr Ellis; Mr BG Hollamby, who comes from Wandsworth Comprehensive School to teach Biology; Mr DH Riley, from Saint Ivo School, who will teach English and Music; and Mr CJ Wain who will teach Mathematics. We wish them happy teaching at Soham. Mrs Armitage, who gave valuable assistance during Mr Taylor's absence, will transfer to the Languages department.

from the 1972 School photo

Mr Riley and:
- the School Choir
- jointly producing The Merchant of Venice Easter 1967
- the visit to Salzburg Easter 1972
- the Staff photo 1972
- make-up, The Taming of the Shrew 1972

Tim Aves 68 July 2003: One thing that has often intrigued me was the fate of Mr Don Riley the English teacher (not Slug the venerable French master who must've been long past retirement age by the time he taught us!). He taught us English - all the way from the first year at the Grammar School, right up to A-Level at the Ely Sixth-Form Centre, where I seem to remember he bored us absolutely silly with his rabid enthusiasm for DH Lawrence. He was Welsh, mind, which probably explains the music angle. He successfully piloted me through my A-levels and on to a career in journalism. I have often wondered what became of him.

David Hazelgrove 65 July 2003: Donald Riley was also a member of Ely Cathedral choir.

If you can add memories of Mr Riley or provide more photos of him, please contact the editor.
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