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Chris Royal-Dawson, Dec 2002: I am astonished to be called back to memories of my first teaching post, all those years ago. I recall expeditions with boys to camp at Stratford-upon-Avon with John O'Toole - 1964 for the History Cycle and 1965 for a mix of plays that included David Warner's Hamlet.

I was Librarian from 1964 until I left in 1967. Since then my career has taken many turns. Teaching in a Comprehensive in Hertfordshire, six months out of the system, mainly spent on Bardsey Island in North Wales, then at a Comprehensive in Norwich followed by a Secondary Modern in Aylesbury.

I then had a short spell as Librarian for Carreras Rothmans, followed by a return to education in a school for children with special needs.

In 1982 I abandoned the British educational system and went to Singapore, and then on to Japan, Hong Kong, Portugal and Greece, teaching English as a Foreign Language. Back to UK in 1994 and a job at a Japanese-owned tertiary college in Canterbury, whence I retired in 2001. I now supplement my pension ('rolling stones', you know!) marking exam papers. Not so much a career, as a series of interesting ventures!

from the 1965 School photo

Soham Grammarian Spring 1964

The beginning of the School Year brought five new members of staff to the School. Mr CA Royal-Dawson and Mr JR O'Toole have joined the English staff, and are at present jointly responsible for the Library; Mr VN McElderry and Mr JB Rider are teaching Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics; and Mr WV Ellis is in charge of the Gymnasium.

Soham Grammarian Summer 1967

We also said farewell to Mr Rennison, who goes to Tewkesbury Grammar School as Senior Master, and to Mr Royal-Dawson, who goes to the Leventhorpe School, Sawbridgeworth as Senior English Master.

To both the thanks of all are extended for all their multifarious services, and our best wishes for their future happiness and success: we shall miss the quiet efficiency of the one and the equally quiet untidiness of the other.

Mr Royal Dawson:
- co-produced the plays presented in The Memory Be Green, 1964 with Mr GE Hemmings and Mr JR O'Toole
- was Properties master on Shoemaker's Holiday 1965
- Sixth Form trip to London July 1965
- co-produced Merchant of Venice with Mr DH Riley, Easter 1967

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