Soham Grammarians : 2H School And Crossbones - Summer 1961

Form 2H of Soham Grammar School
"He didn't mean to go to Sea ..... "

An Operetta with words by Gordon Hemmings and music arranged by
Kenneth J. Eade from Dr. Samuel Arnold (1740-1802).

Dame Charlotte Crammer, of Parklands Academy for Young Ladies - FW Haslam
Young Ladies at the Academy:
Jane Truelove - LP Hancock
Lydia O'Leary - T Parker
Isbella Everest - PE Leslie
Marianne Malapert - DJ Nicholas
Penny Ffoulkes-Warren - GR Fernie
Harriet Vapours - JW Dimmock
Chorus of Young Ladies - TR Dabrowa, NBJ Faben, CJ Fisher, JA Gentle, T Mackender, RG Smith, and RC Ward

Nancy Trip, Maid at the Academy - SJ Lemmon
Joseph Seeds, Odd-job Man at the Academy - GJ Potter

Captain Roger Horatio Gore, of "The Lame Duck" - RNR Dunham
A Chorus of Pirates - D Anderson, RJ Bass, RB Butler, TI Crawford, TA Impey, TA Reeve and J Washtell
The Entire Police Force of Littleport* - SC Porter

Dame Charlotte

The Music directed by Mr MJ Ades
The Operetta produced by Mr GE Hemmings

Scene 1 : "Raleigh" Dormitory of Parklands Academy for Young Ladies. Almost midnight on an evening in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Scene 2 : The Main-Deck of the Pirate Ship, "The Lame Duck". In the early hours of the next morning.

Prompter - TG Newman
Curtains - MJ Smith
Costumes - R Johnson, D Patterson
Stage-hands - AM Parker, N Bussingham, JTD Jordan, JE Murray
Properties - TJ Sandham
Programmes - DW Staines, P Wilding

source - Frank Haslam
Gordon Hemmings believed there was a photo of the cast - any surviving copies?

* This operetta was originally written when Gordon Hemmings was on the staff of Bemrose School, Derby, where he had been a pupil. It was apparently adapted here for local performance.

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