Soham Grammarians - Mr WH (Hugh) Stalker Music 1957-59

Soham Grammarian Spring 1958

The beginning of the School Year saw the advent of two new members of the staff. They are Mr Grassi, Mr Kitchen's successor in History, and Mr Stalker, who has replaced Mr Atkinson as Music Master.

Soham Grammarian Spring 1960

It is with sadness that we record the departure of Mr Stalker from the school after a stay of just over 2 years, during which he endeared himself to us all by his unceasing efforts on our behalf, the last of which was the organization of the Carol Service at the end of last term. We wish him every success in his new post. [at Giggleswick School, North Yorkshire]

He was Musical Director for The Gondoliers 1958, the Bartered Bride 1959 and for the production of Midsummer Night's Dream also 1959, for which he composed the music.

photo: at the presentation by the Czech Cultural Attaché, Bartered Bride, 1959.

19/12/10: Mr Stalker is now in touch and it is hoped that this page will be updated shortly.

Dec 2010 Andrew Cullum 58: Funny thing is that when I was in the Second year at SGS I remember Hugh Stalker getting the choir (I was a treble then) to do the Hallelujah Chorus for Christmas. In fact I think we did the whole of the Handel's Messiah and to this day I remember every single word.

As a music master he always embarked on some really ambitious projects. One in particular was the Bartered Bride in which the MacNaughton string quartet played the music from a dais actually on the set. I also remember Brian Harry Halls playing the Ring Master and playing the trumpet as part of his entry. Good memories.

Dec 2010 Roger Smith 56: He was a brilliant pianist.

Dec 2010 Ted Smith 56: As a mere math/scientist I did not have very much to do with Mr Stalker except as he was generally satirised by David Bloomfield-led hit squad.

Dec 2010 Norman Long 56: I thank him for my lifelong interest in music.

Dec 2010 Mike Bunting 53: I have very fond memories of his musical abilities and, in fact, at one time I had private piano lessons with him at his home in Soham. I admired him greatly and apart from my mother, also a piano teacher, he was inspirational in me becoming deeply involved in music.

If you can add memories of Mr Stalker or provide photos of him, please contact the editor.
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