Soham Grammarians - Victory Thanksgiving June 6 1946

Soham Grammarian Summer 1946


On Thursday, June 6th, a Speech Day atmosphere crept into the school for the second time this year.

The occasion was the ceremony of distributing certificates from the King, congratulating all school children on playing their part so nobly and stoically throughout the war years.

Mrs DM Tharp, the Rev PF Boughey, Mr R Clark, Mr RT Howlett, Mr CC Petch (all Governors of the School) graced the ceremony with their presence and Mr R Cornwell, Vice-Chairman of the Governors, presented the certificates and afterwards addressed the School.

Mr Cornwell stressed the importance of the occasion and said he hoped we should treasure these souvenirs and make them family heirlooms.

The war through which we had just passed was one of the four great periods of history, the other three being those of the Spanish Armada, Napoleon and the last Great War.

The 1939 war was the most momentous of these events and we could be thankful that it ended as it did, with the triumph of right over wrong.

The presentation of certificates was preceded by a short service conducted by the Headmaster.

A collection taken before the service on behalf of the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association realised 4 4s. 0d.

[ The main official event was in London on Saturday 8th June 1946 ]

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