Soham Grammarians - the Winter of 1946-47

Soham Grammarian Spring 1947

EDITORIAL: "... Here, then, we bring to our readers the usual gossip for this time of the year; that old and unsubsidised ally of ours, the snow, has not deserted us, and much could be written on its influence on our life this term. Its effects, however, are only too well-known and we will say just in passing that it forced the Headmaster to give us all a day's holiday at the beginning of March, and provided an unforgettable background to a very memorable Speech Day, which was held this year in the School Dining-Hall.

Our distinguished visitor, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Education, whose talk proved most interesting to all present, was able to tell us at first-hand something about present trends in education. Speech Day, of course, was the "red-letter day," and has overshadowed other activities. These, nevertheless, have been progressing steadily, though football and "Scouts" have been curtailed severely."

Please contact the editor about sharing your recollections, photos etc. of being at school that winter e.g. travel to and from school, conditions at school, break and lunch time activities and the effect on lessons and clubs.

If instead your memories are of the the Winter of 1962/63, which was the coldest since 1740, the editor will also be glad to hear from you.


The Winters of 1946-47 and 1962/63 Met Office