Soham Grammarians: Archive - School Lists/Calendars

unless otherwise stated - held by Soham Village College
MRD=Martin Duffield FE=Fred Eden FWH=Frank Haslam SJM=Stephen Martin DM=Donald Monk DS David Sale
JL=Mrs June Lawrance RP=Robert Powell RS=Roger Smith EHT=EH Tabraham AT=Alan Taylor

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School Lists

1947-48 JL
1948-49 pdf (original back to FE)*
1949-50 AT for A
1950-51 (photocopy) DM for A
1951-52 DS
1951-52 JL, (photocopy) DM for A
1952-53 JL, (photocopy) DM for A
1953-54 JL, (photocopy) DM for A
1954-55 JL, (photocopy) DM for A
1960-61 RP for A
1961-62 JL, poor copy FWH
1962-63 JL
1963-64 FWH, JL
1964-65 MRD
1965-66 FWH, JL
1966-67 pdf of original from Phil Mason
1967-68 EHT
1968-69 EHT
1969-70 EHT
1970-71 EHT
1971-72 EHT

School Lists index

School Calendars

1956-57 Autumn/Spring RS for A
1965 Summer FWH
1966 Summer FWH
1967 Summer FWH
1968 Summer EHT
1969 Summer EHT
1970 Summer EHT
1972 Summer EHT

* 1948-49: ancient repairs masked Fletcher RW in Form IIIb and Hobbs IA in Form IIb