Soham Grammarians: Archive - Other photos

unless otherwise stated these are held by Soham Village College
FWH=Frank Haslam for A=for Archive
if you can provide any missing years please contact the

School Photos

As shown on the website, attributed to those who loaned them for that purpose:
1926-1928? found in SVC (received by FWH at 2011 Dinner, for A)
1929 Mike Rouse (returned)
1930 Susan and Brigid Riley (donated, with FWH, for A)
1935 Peter Bedford (with FWH, for A)
1937 Herbert (Wilkes) Walton (with FWH, for return)
1946 Peter Roe (with FWH, for A)
1949 John Butcher (returned)
1952 John Butcher (returned)
1954 John Firby (with FWH, for A)
1956 Geoff Gammon (with FWH, for A)
1965 Martin Duffield (with FWH, for return)
1970 Richard Walker (returned)
1972 Graham Whiting (returned)

Postcard photo of what appears to be some of the staff and boys of a school, probably SGS, on back JL. Photo by Starr & Rignall. (John Lavender, for A)

Scout photos

1947 Edale camp (Peter Roe, for A)
1948 E Runton camp (Peter Roe, for A)
1949 Edale camp (Peter Roe, for A)
1950 Gillingham/Beccles/River Waveney camp (Peter Roe, for A)

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