Soham Grammarians - Archive - Productions

DC=David Cross MRD=Martin Duffield FWH=Frank Haslam GEH=Gordon Hemmings EHT=EH Tabraham
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Production programmes

1955 March The Yeomen of the Guard DC
1956 March Hamlet DC
1957? April The Pirates of Penzance DC
1958 March The Gondoliers DC
1959 March The Bartered Bride DC
1961 July (2H) School & Crossbones - prog FWH
1961 Dec Amahl & The Night Visitors FWH
1962 Dec The Winter's Tale FWH
1964 May The Memory Be Green - Shakespearean Entertainment FWH
1965 Dec The Shoemaker's Holiday FWH
1972 Jul HMS Pinafore programme EHT

Production Photos

1956 Hamlet 2 framed photos from SVC

1964 Memory be Green (5 photos) GEH

1965 Pirates of Penzance photos MRD:

57-58 Fat King Melon MRD


1962 Joan Yeoman's Dance sequence for Amahl GEH
1962 PJ Askem's set design for Amahl GEH
1964 The Memory Be Green - Shakespearean Entertainment - script with notations GEH
1964 Signed Programme from the cast to Mr Hemmings The Memory Be Green GEH

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