Soham Grammarians - Athletics Display Team

standing: David Engledow - Richard Kershaw - Ron Sallis - Mike Delanoy - Roy Southgate - Mr Ted Quinn
Louis Bidwell - Don Sykes - Alfie Hobbs - Hubert Nash - Peter South - Peter Blanchflower
kneeling: Brian Pullen - Roger Palmer - Ray Bishop - Terry Stevens - John Hill - Brian Easy
front: Doug Faux - Herbert (Billy) Peters - Lionel Criddle - Fred Thurling - Bertie Beman - Don Philips - Cedric Fretwell - Robin Baumber
image source: Mike Delanoy

Mike Delanoy SG48: My form was asked to "do" this PE display by Mr Quinn for some special event.

Ken Beman SG48: I remember the occasion very well, it was our SGS display team for the Festival of Britain, in which I was team leader and all moves etc had to be done silently by counting and follow my leader with no called-out commands!!

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names: Mike Delanoy, John Hill
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