Soham Grammarians: 1975 Reunion

Ely Standard 30 Oct 1975 - via Chris Jakes

Old Grammarians get together

Seventy-five past pupils and staff of Soham Grammar School met together on Saturday evening for their annual dinner at Soham Village College.

The dinner was held in the Beechurst Hall of the College which used to be the assembly hall of the Grammar School, so everyone felt at home!

Guest speaker for the evening was Mr Edward Armitage, who was the last headmaster of Soham Grammar School before it joined the Ely Federation of Colleges.

Mr Armitage then went to work as head of the Sixth Form Centre in Ely, until he retired this year.

He spoke to pupils of the days of the Grammar School, and revealed that he is a punter on the football pools, and doing rather well.

Although the Old Boys Association has been disbanded, it is hoped that these reunion dinners will continue while they are given support.

Pictured: Mr Armitage (centre) among a group of past colleagues and pupils. On the extreme left is Mr Albert Lawrance, his one-time maths master, who returned as Warden when the school was brought into Soham Village College as part of the comprehensive system.

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