Soham Grammarians: 1986 Reunion

source: Ann Lane


Guest of honour at a dinner for old Soham Grammarians on Saturday, was former headmaster Mr Edward Armitage.

Held at Beechurst, the old grammar school hall, about 80 former grammar school pupils and four Staff met to mark the 300th anniversary of the foundation of the school.

Mr Armitage was one of the longest-serving headmasters. He held the position for 26 years until the school became comprehensive. He was principal speaker on Saturday.

Present warden of the village college, Mr Alan Bullock was there and there were also many new faces, including a lot of younger members.

Original documents relating to the school's history were on show and caused a lot of interest.

Studying old documents ofthe former Soham Grammar School are, from left to right, Roger Lane, John Ansell, Edward Armitage, David Bailey, Brian Leonard and Mike Tester.

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