Soham Grammarians : at the Reunion Dinner, 4th Oct 2003

Who was booked for the 2003 Dinner

Arnold Tomalin (1939) presents a Soham
Grammarians tie to Mike Rouse, Archivist

Roger Lane (1949) receives a watch from Arnold Tomalin (R)
with Chris Bent (1953) looking on

Denis Wilkins (1953), Chris Bent (1953), Alan Hill (1953), Bob Barber (1953),
Stan Harley (1953), Mike Bunting (1953), Derek Murton (1953), Ray Bolton (1958)

Gareth Wood (Chemistry), Vaughan Moll (1959), Gordon Hemmings (English), Dan Nicholas (1959),
Geoff Rouse (1956), John Dimmock (1959), Alan Barber (1959)

Guest of Honour Mrs May Armitage
with Mrs June Lawrance


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