Soham Grammarians : entry year 1952
Form A Form B

Form A

Bob Parr 52 and Neil Holmes 52 have provided the same photo, of Form 3A in the school year 1954-55, on which Neil has identified names and his photo has been used as it was better quality.

Form B

"As far as I can recall this was Form 3B, I think the year was 1954/5 (I was born Aug 1941, so I must have started Sept '52 and it was definitely taken in my 3 year). I'm sure the form master was Taffy Thomas. The form room was between the Headmaster's Study and the Library over looking the, what was then, tennis courts."
Russell Drake (1952)

Piet Walton-Knight (1952) has corrected some of the names and adds: Richard Bourne and Giddens joined us following a 13yr old intake in the 2nd form. Brian Alsop was called "Allgood" by RAT for amusement, on the football field.

top: Gary Smith, Piet Walton-Knight, John Kiernan, Albert Ware, Mick Whymer, KN Giddens?, Roy Benstead, Alan Fordham, Richard Bourne
middle: Bob Hinze, Cliff Fretwell, John Mayo, Brian Angood, Barry Chapman, Ken Purchase, David Crossley, Russell Drake, Ernie Cowley
front: Roger Sulman, Ray Yarrow, Mike Knott, Pat Cullen, Ivor Liddell, Julian Johnson, Donald Crabb, John Ashman, Brian Alsop (left 1958)

Many of the above should be found in the photos Robert Hinze has provided of Form 1B 1952 and 4B in 1955: names to the editor, please:

Form 1B 1952/3 photo source Robert Hinze
row 5 (back): Ivor Liddell - John Kiernan - Albert Ware - Mick Whymer
row 4: Brian Alsop - John Mayo - Barry Chapman - Gordon Jackson - Robin Parr
row 3: John Ashman - Alan Webber - Rob Hinze - Brian Angood
row 2: Cliff Fretwell - Julian Johnson - Robert Goad - David Crossley - Ken Purchase? - Piet Walton-Knight
row 1 (front): Russell Drake - Ray Yarrow - Pat Cullen - Mike Knott


Form 4B 1955/6 source Robert Hinze (1952)
row 3 (back): Gary Smith - Gidden - Albert Ware - Benny/Roy Benstead - Richard Bourne - Ivor Liddell - Keith Purchase - Mick Whymer
row 2: Barry Chapman - Cliff Fretwell - John Kiernan - John Ashman - Ray Yarrow - John Mayo - Donald Crabb - Ernie Cowley - Mike Knott
row 1 (front): Russell Drake - Alan Webber - Brian Angood - Brian Alsop - Robert Goad - Roger Sulman - Pat Cullen - Frank Greig - Rob Hinze - Julian Johnson
Form Master Mr Foster


Rob Hinze has also provided this UVI Science group, school year 1958/59
front: David Crowe, Eric Cox, Arthur Yardy
back: Peter Boyce, John Drake, Robert Hinze

sources: Russell Drake, Robert Hinze, Neil Holmes, Piet Walton-Knight: last update 4 May 2006
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