Soham Grammarians - Learning to drive

from the Soham Grammarian Summer 1969

Driving Course

A welcome innovation this year was the introduction of a School driving course for some of the Sixth form, a scheme which had been tried successfully elsewhere. The Lower Sixth had their course in the Spring term, the Upper Sixth at the end of June when (or so it was thought) their Advanced level exams would be over.

The special feature of this course was the combination of theoretical lessons with the practical application of them on the road. The theoretical aspect was handled by Mr Makin, Mr Swain, the County Road Safety Officer, and Inspector Mugson, who discussed the legal problems of driving. To all of these we are very grateful.

The pupils were divided into groups of one to three in each car, so that they could learn from each other's mistakes, either on the road or on Mepal Airfield where they could master the control of the car before being plunged into traffic. The group found the course very instructive and interesting and very good value for money; we recommend it to future learners.

SJ Melton

NEWMARKET JOURNAL, Thursday, July 30, 1970.

A group of Soham Grammar School pupils are about to take their first drive under supervision.

Pupils get a lesson in driving

After the strain of examinations and the daily round of lessons three days of learning to drive were a blessing for 21 senior boys at Soham Grammar School.

This is the third year that driving ,lessons have been organised for the school under the direction of general subjects master, Mr John Makin. The Assistant Road Safety Officer, Mr. Andrew Swain from the Road Safety Department, talked to the pupils about the law and the driver, and road safety.

Three boys went out in each car taking it in turns to drive. Those who were not old enough to drive or who did not hold a licence were taken to Waterbeach airfleld for practical lessons.

Ivan Cox stands by a car ready to take to the open road.
In the back are Richard and Melvin Goodjohn.

Do you recollections of these driving lessons in the late 1960s/early 70s? If so please contact the editor.
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