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January 3rd, 1964

Sixteen Years and only 22 Defeats!

Soham Grammar School's 1963 soccer season can be described as "average" - by their standards. Eleven matches were won, two drawn and one lost by the senior side. The 2nd XI also lost once and both under-14 and under-15 XI were unbeaten.

The School senior side now has the amazing record of just 22 defeats in sixteen years!

It is inconceivable that the School can have such a steady supply of natural footballers year after year and much of the credit must go to Sports Master, Mr RAT "Peter" Taylor.

Not that there is so much special coaching. One afternoon each week the 1st and 2nd XI players get together for a match with Mr Taylor refereeing and passing on hints. The same applies to the junior teams on another afternoon.

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In our photograph are the past season's 1st XI.
From left to right are: back row Peter Sargent, R [S] Porter, Roger Logan, Michael Butcher, G Woodfin and Neil Bussingham;
front - David Burtt, David Rosbrook, John Chapman, Richard Houghton and Lester Newell. (Photo: John Slater, Ely)

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