Soham Grammarians - Form 5T, Summer 1965

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L-R: Tom Gray - William Wheeler - Geoff Griggs - Michael Murfitt - David Camps - John Seaton
Roger Creek - Ian Middleton - Michael Barningham - Andrew Crane - Richard Butler
Lawrence Arthur - Mark Taylor - John Bailey - Philip Rowe - Colin Blackwell
image: taken by Alan Bray, via Mark Barningham


top L-R: Mark Taylor - Colin Blackwell - Philip Rowe - Andrew Crane - John Seaton - Lawrence Arthur
upper middle: David Camps - Richard Butler - William Wheeler - Roger Creek (partially obscured) - John Bailey
lower middle: Geoff Griggs - Michael Barningham
front : Michael Murfitt - Ian Middleton - Tom Gray
image: taken by Alan Bray, via Mark Barningham

from the top L-R: Robert Taylor - Mike Barningham
Philip Rowe - Andy Crane - Roger Creek - Mark ?? Taylor
Geoff Griggs - John Seaton - Will Wheeler
Tom Gray - David Camps,
?'Pop'? Nicholas - John Bailey
Alfie' ? Harper - Lawrence Arthur - Alan Bray - Richard Butler
image: via Alan Bray

Is that Tabby's car in the background?



from the top L-R:
Robert Taylor, Mike Barningham
Philip Rowe, Andy Crane, Roger Creek, Mark ?? Taylor, Stuart Fletcher Geoff Griggs, Tom Gray, John Seaton, Will Wheeler
?'Pop'? Nicholas, John Bailey, David Camps
Alfie' ? Harper, Lawrence Arthur, Richard Butler
Lionel Hart
image: Alan Bray

L-R: Tom Gray - Will Wheeler - John Bailey - Alan Bray - Roger Creek - Geoff Griggs
John Seaton
image: via Alan Bray

identifiers: Mike Barningham, Alan Bray, David Camps, Frank Haslam
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