Soham Grammarians : Some memories 1950-58, Geoff Gammon

Geoff Gammon, at SGS 1950-1958, and some years early-retired from British Petroleum Research, now pursuing other interests in Aviculture as well as in regular eBAY auctioneering, as Silvrexter, sent this message from Strongsville Ohio on 28 November 2002.

Just a few memories (1950-1958) that immediately come to mind:

John Bishop from Snailwell throwing the cricket ball over 100 yards, I believe, in the School Sports, perhaps c.1956

Lionel Fleet, SGS Head Boy 1950, from Isleham refereeing several local inter-village soccer matches in which I played, around 1960

Being personally banned from the Chemistry lab for a period by Mr Armitage & Mr CJ Ford for "releasing" some ammonium/nitrogen tri-iodide onto the laboratory floor - spontaneous detonation occurs underfoot once completely dry!

All the happy memories of playing soccer on the SGS 1st XI pitch, Mr RA Taylor's much-revered Holy of Holies!

Watching Mr Browning demonstrate at Morning Assembly in front of the entire School how to towel-dry oneself after sporting activities

Dancing lessons (once only, I believe) in Miss Lowe's school lunch canteen!

Mr Hunt (the Form 2 general science master) reprimanding us all and stating "It ain't muck, it's fym"!

Mr Francis Catala's considerable efforts and frustrations in teaching us how to tell the time in French!

Being very prone to travel-sickness at the time, the agonizing two-way bus trips between Newmarket and SGS, with the additional need for the twice x 3 miles cycle ride in all weathers between Cheveley and Newmarket! Things are probably different today - I would hope!

Being advised on one of my school reports (general science, written by Mr Webb, I believe) "too much cricket, too little work"!  It had the desired effect within one term!

Overall, looking back, a wonderful experience and broad education at SGS, and a valuable preparation for adult life!

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