Soham Grammarians - Head Boys/School Captains

1941 Aut WC Allen
1942 Spr WC Allen
1942 Sum WC Allen
1942 Aut GS White
1943 Spr GS White
1943 Aut HB Walton
1944 Spr HB Walton
1944 Sum PW Knight
1944 Aut BN Webster
1945 RF Watts
1946 KW Fuller
1947 D Kerridge
1948 JE Leaney
1949 B Bumpsteed
1950 LW Fleet
1951 Aut RE Daisley
1952 Spr FJ Marven
1952 Sum FJ Marven
1952* Aut AGS Taylor?
1953* AGS Taylor
1954* TNG Perry

1955 RG Sallis, deputy L Norman
1956 CF Cropley, deputy DA Hobbs
1957 A Moore, deputy MF Thomas
1958 JW Newman & M Human
1959 DA Crowe, deputy BD Ward
1960 GS Davis & A Folks
1961 DB Bailey, deputy CR Taylor
1962 CR Taylor, deputy DJ Register
1963 GJ Ball & JM Daly
1964 AM Pennick & JW Chapman
1965 GR Fernie, deputy SC Porter
1966 SC Porter, deputy EB Crompton
1967 RJ Brown, deputy TC Salmon
1968 JR Harding, deputy CD Hill
1969 PAJ Easy, deputy R Murfitt
1970 IE Cox, deputy PD Griffiths
1971 B King, deputy SJ Yeomans

* the School Lists (that is, for Autumn Term onwards of the calendar year) for the following years state:

1952 AGS Taylor
1953 TNG Perry
1954 JB Butcher

The Christmas Parties Cartoon 1954 (see Scrapbook) also features John Butcher as School Captain; John Marven distinctly recalls being Head Boy in 1952! He says "I think the confusion has arisen because during the school year 1951/1952 there were two school captains. Roy Daisley was school captain from September 1951 until December 1951 when he left school having gained a place at Cambridge. I then became school captain for the remaining two terms until July 1952."

John Butcher says: "Tom Perry left “before his time” when his family moved to London, so I can only think that there may have been a handover part way through a year. Sadly Tom died a few years later so we may never get to the bottom of it."

If you can sort out the apparent confusion over 1952-54 please contact the editor.

Wartime School Captains from the Soham Grammarian/HB Walton

Some text from the history has been corrected