Soham Grammarians - Rev Thomas Hurdle (Mathematics, WW2)

Soham Grammarian Spring 1942


This term we welcomed the Rev TV Hurdle, who has taken over the mathematics and physiscs. Mr Hurdle carries out these duties at school in addition to those of curate of the parish of Soham. We wish him continued success in both and are grateful for all his work.

We heartily welcome the Rev TV Hurdle MA, St Catherines's College, Cambridge. He is not only a brilliant scholar, with a First, but one who is evidently deeply interested in humanity, especially boys. The School warmly appreciates his doubly strenuous effort, that of teaching us and that of keeping abreast of his clerical duties as well. To say the least it is very gallant of him; it is not only in the Maths period that he sets us a good example.

Soham Grammarian Spring 1945

It is with very great regret that we are losing the Rev TV Hurdle this term, but we offer him hearty congratulations as the Rector of Coppingford with Upton and Rector of Buckton (in plurality). We are pleased to know that he will be able to continue his teaching at Oundle School, and offer him very best wishes for the future.

The History of Soham Grammar School, Ch.XI

Losses of staff were difficult to make good. In the Spring of 1942 the school was fortunate to be able to call on the services of the curate of Soham, Rev. T. V. Hurdle, to teach mathematics and physics. He was to continue at Soham for over three years and as Mr. Stubbs commented, "we are very fortunate in securing a master so able and well-qualified, and I am grateful to all concerned in making the appointment possible".

Terry Allen 39 (8 Mar 2005): The nicest teacher we ever had. Mr Hurdle was the Curate at Soham Church and also a 2nd Lieut in the Cadet Force. So he taught me Maths, Religion for confirmation and army training. Truly an all rounder!

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