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December 2008
  • We are very grateful to Peter Webb, son of Mr FK (Ken) Webb Science 1948-56, has provided a full obituary for his father, who died aged 77 in 1991. He has provided a photo of FKW at a Speech Day. Can anyone identify who is with him? - see In Memoriam
  • Ruth Schofield (née Palmby) writes: While researching family history I have discovered that my father Robert (Bob) Palmby was a pupil at Soham Grammar School in 1911. I am uncertain as to the date he started there. He was born in 1897 and joined the Royal Navy in 1915. I would be most interested to see if anything is held in the archives about my father's schooling, including anything about his guardianship as I believe, when not at school, he was living in the household of his grandmother Louisa Bunting - an address somewhere in Newmarket I think.

    Ruth has provided a photo which includes Bob among what she thinks may be other SG cricket and tennis players - is anyone from your family who may have been at SG not long before WW1 included? - see Scrapbook 1910-19
  • Andrew Makin writes: "Just to let you know that my mother Mrs Edith Makin (Betty) wife of the late John Makin passed away last Sunday 7th December." Our condolences were sent to Andrew and the family.

November 2008

  • 7 Nov 2008: The 2008 Dinner page now has John Browning's illustrated talk linked to it - see via Reunions

  • John Kisby 43 updates the 1946 School Photo - see via School Lists
    Alan Bray 60 asserts his rights as the photographer of 5T in Summer 1965 - see via Scrapbook

  • With thanks to John Lester 65 and Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, a tribute is added to the late Dr David Kerridge 40 - see via In Memoriam

  • John Favell 50, John Hill 48, Peter Stonebridge 50 add their Tabby recollections - see via In Memoriam

  • Photos
    Syd Cornwell has identified his father Desmond Cornwell on the 1935 School Photo: "My father, Desmond Cornwell, attended SGS from 1931 until 1936. He was born in Isleham in 1920 and lived in the village until 1936, when he left home to work for his uncle who operated a haulage business in Norfolk. My mother passed away in December of 2005, but Dad will celebrate his 89th birthday at the end of March next year and now spends much of his time reminiscing about childhood days. He often talks about his days at SGS."

  • Making contact:
    Ken Thompson 50, Cambridgeshire: Two of his children and a grandson have been head pupils at SVC.
    Desmond Cornwell 31, Norfolk

October 2008

  • 26 Oct 2008: A message from Tabby's daughter, Jenny: I have been immensely touched by all the kind letters, cards and emails I’ve received from Soham Grammarians. I just can’t thank everyone individually, and I do hope they will understand that. A heartfelt, “thank you” to everyone who was kind enough to contact me, and to all who have sent donations for Marie Curie Cancer Care for the in-home nurses.

    Recollections are being recorded on Tabby's page. Your memories of him are welcome.

  • 8 Oct 2008, updated 12 Oct: message from Mrs Jenny Jeffery, daughter of Mr EH Tabraham to the editor: "I know you would wish me to let you know that my father died in his sleep in the early hours of this morning, 8th October. The phrase 'a merciful release' for him is truly apposite, though obviously for my children and me there is a huge sense of loss. The signed Best Wishes booklet from the Dinner arrived by this morning's post and he would have been very touched by some of the comments in it. When it comes to the funeral I might well see if at least some of the comments could be incorporated.

    He wanted a cremation. This will take place on Wednesday 22nd October at 11.20am, at Gorleston Crematorium in the grounds of Magdalen Cemetery, Oriel Avenue, Gorleston (Gorleston is midway between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth).

    It would be lovely to have SGS represented. Although it's ten days away I really need to know approximate numbers attending because of sorting out post-service refreshments at one of the local hostelries in Loddon/Chedgrave. Soham Grammarians will of course be welcome to attend."

    Tabby would have been 97 on November 18th. Our condolences go to Jenny and her family.

    If you wish to write to her, and in particular to let her know if you plan to come to the funeral, please write to Mrs J Jeffery, 18 Hobart Road, Loddon, NORWICH, Norfolk NR14 6LD.

    "It will be family flowers only. Donations to Marie Curie Cancer Care are welcomed, they nurse cancer patients in their own homes rather than people having to spend the last period of their lives in hospital. Please send cheques payable to Marie Curie Cancer Care to the funeral directors: Cossey, Funeral Directors and Monumental Masons, 4 Exchange Square, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9HL." Your donation can be Gift Aided if you attach a signed and dated statement that you are a UK taxpayer, with your full name and address.

    Recollections are being recorded on
    Tabby's page. Your memories of him are welcome.

  • A full photo report of our Dinner on Saturday 4th October is now available - see via Reunions.
    If you have any photos or images of the occasion to add to or improve on this page, please send the best of these to the editor.
    The illustrated text of John Browning's well-received talk will follow shortly.

  • News has also been received of the following deaths:
    Harold Freeman 44, died suddenly on 28 Aug 2008
    Brian Halls LRAM 55 who died in 1998 aged 54 - a wonderful trumpet player and teacher - a page on him is in preparation
    Eric G Miller (b1925, mid 1930s entry) d2002: lived in Ely
    John S Murfitt
    46, a local farmer whose funeral was in July 2008
    They are all recorded on our In memoriam page

  • We welcome John Dimmock 59 to the Reunion team - John will run the box-office for the 2009 Dinner. Many thanks this year to Shaun Bokor 65 for assisting diners with name badges and explaining how reserve places and to Vince Gudgeon 66 for selling SG ties and books.

  • Trevor Smith 62 adds to the train and bus memories - see via Scrapbook
    Brian Knott 47 adds a name to the 1986 Old Boys photo - see via Scrapbook

  • (carried forward and updated from September)
    'Return if undelivered stickers' were on the 2008 Dinner mailing which went out in late August.
    Can you assist by providing news - of their death or new contact details or leads - for these whose letters were returned?:

    Reginald C Cook, years not known: Northolt, Middlesex
    John East 56: Manor Road, Heathfield, Sussex
    Brian Easy 48: Beech Court, Littleport
    Clive Harris 54: Victoria Street, Littleport
    Richard Vince 64: Walfields Close, Findern, Derby

    There are also a number of people whose email addresses may have changed and for whom we have no other contact information - if you are on this list or are in contact with them please let the editor know: Stephen Bishop 71, Steve Glover 67, Doug Jones 71, Steve Stephenson 64.

    See also our 'Out of Touch' page via Contact Us for others sought.

  • via his son David, news that Edward Gordon Wright (?1936 entry) died on 11 May 2008 aged 83

  • (carried forward and updated from August)
    Information about our Dinner on Saturday 4 October was sent to all on our database by post (25 Aug) or email (27 Aug).
    The booking form is also available from the Reunions page.
    If you have changed your postal or email address in 2008, have you let us know?
    Please let Frank Haslam have your booking as soon as possible, we had to let SVC know numbers by 29 Sep but can accomodate a couple more - 93 booked as of 2 Oct.

    Information on hotel accommodation in the Soham area

  • Making contact:
    Stuart Poole 56, retired Head of the Army Dental Service, now in Kent

September 2008

  • a message from the Armitage family, 11 Sep:

    We are sad to report that May Armitage passed away in the early hours of 9 September, having suffered a stroke a few days before. She slipped away peacefully, in her own home, having seen all three sons within the few days preceding and some of her grandchildren too. She knew what was happening and was able to communicate a little until she faded into unconsciousness.
    Rod was with her as well as her carers. Her medical attention over these few days was everything one could wish for and more. She was 94.

    The funeral will take place at
    St Mary's Church, Ely, at 2pm on Wednesday 24th September, followed by the cremation, with refreshments and sandwiches at the Fire Engine House for all who wish to join us.

    We prefer there to be family flowers only. Donations in aid of
    The Stroke Association may be offered at the service or via the undertakers, Ely Funeral Service, 4 Tower Road, ELY, CB7 4HW.

    Our condolences go to the family. Those who boarded, and those who were at school during May's time on the staff 1966-72, or came to know her in other ways will recall how she loved a good conversation and her vast memory of all things SGS. The editor invites recollections of May and especially any photos of her at school events. A page has been started for her, recording memories - see via In Memoriam

    As the family says "she was wonderful lady and will be sorely missed by so many."

    At the funeral May was well remembered in the tributes from her family and carers and it is hoped to add these to the website in due course.

  • Keith Fuller 40 writes to say David Kerridge 40, who was involved with the OBs after the war, died in August - see In memoriam

  • (carried forward from August)
    The contacts listings have been simplified by creating just one list in which all who are also on email are flagged with an e. The list is presented by surname, by first name and by entry year where known - see via Contact us > those we are in touch with > all contacts

  • Mike Reeve 52 adds a right Royal tale to the renamed School Bus & Train page; Neil Holmes 52 too- see Scrapbook

  • Making contact:
    Alan Breeze
    54, Cambridgeshire
    Chris Bull
    53, Cambridgeshire
    C William Fisher
    '59', recently retired from teaching and at present in Hertfordshire
    Trevor Newton
    44, Suffolk
    Stuart Poole
    56, retired Head of the Army Dental Service, Kent
    Paul Rolph
    54, now in France
    Ronald Peacock 37, Cambridgeshire

  • Photo pages additions or updates
    Mrs Angela Toynton identifies her uncle Ronald T Peacock on part 4 of the 1937 School Photo - see via School Lists
    William Fisher '59' updates the 1965 School photo, adding Stephen Wood - see via School Lists

August 2008

  • Making contact:
    Vernon Fretwell
    50, Norfolk: I believe my family may hold some kind of SGS attendance record as follows - my two brothers Cedric A Fretwell 48 and Clifford M Fretwell 52 and I were all at the school at the same time, along with our cousin Eric G Fretwell 51. Any challenges to that?
    Neil Holmes 52 responds: Vernon Fretwell's family record of three brothers plus a cousin at the school at the same time will certainly be hard to beat. As I recalled a year or so ago, three Holmes brothers attended the School (Paul 46, Michael 49 and Neil 52), but the eldest had left before the youngest joined, and we can't even pull in the odd cousin. However, the Holmes brothers' record of continuous attendance, from 1946 to 1960, may well eclipse the Fretwells'.
    Roger Nicholas 59, Cambridgeshire
    Terence Titmarsh 41 and his son Tim Titmarsh 67, both in Cambridgeshire
    Rod Ward 59 - Rocky at school, now in Warwickshire

  • Geoff Fernie 59 in Toronto "I have booked my flight to arrive in UK on 4 Oct and come to the dinner. I am excited to have the chance to see old friends after such a long time and curious to see how many I recognize without prompting."

  • Photo pages additions or updates
    Vernon Fretwell 50 adds the 1952-53 U14 Football XI to our Sports photos collection - see Sport > Sports photos
    Peter Roe 46 and Neil Holmes 52 have added a name to one of the Who are they? faces - see Scrapbook

    Peter has also contributed to the 1954 and 1956 School photos - see via School Lists

  • Neil Holmes 52 also provides some more bus travel recollections - see via Scrapbook

    He adds: "my latest book is entitled The Lawless Coast. It is essentially historical narrative detailing the smuggling wars on the Norfolk coast in the 1780s. It is selling extremely well throughout Norfolk, especially the coastal region. I would imagine that Leon Kitchen, who fired my enthusiasm for history, would be amused." - see The Lawless Coast

  • The Dinner invitation letter sent to Cyril Joe Titmarsh 41 was returned 'gone away'. His son Jeffrey was traced and sadly Cyril died in December 2007. He served for many years in the Army. His name has been added to our In Memoriam page

July 2008

  • Making contact:
    Tony Pitchford
    69, now in Norfolk; studying for a foundation degree in horticulture.
    Peter Wilding 59, retired biophysicist, now in Northamptonshire

  • Ian Hobbs 48: I had the privilege to captain both the Football and the Cricket OB teams in the last year of the School. We beat the School by a large margin; in the team were Ian Booth, Johnny Fretwell, Eric Simper .. does anyone have more details of the teams and the match?

    We also thrashed the School at cricket due mainly to a great bowling performance by Norman South. Ian Booth was in the side as was Brian Leonard. Once again does anyone have more details of the teams and the match? I do remember I elected to bat on after tea as we had not scored too quickly. A little frowned, on but my teaching from RAT was that "if you can't win, do not lose".

    I would appreciate if there was more info about these two historic games.

    Ian also adds a cricket anecdote to RAT's page - see In Memoriam > RAT

  • Nick Cave 60 has now fully retired after a career mainly with Cadbury's and Guinness, followed by working with an estate agency in Gascony. He has an interesting account of a visit to Morocco made with a local Freemason's Lodge in France to help with a charitable project. He says "I wonder what Ted A would have thought! I was 'asked to leave' Soham all those years ago and was a bit of a '60s rebel!". If you would like to be in touch with Nick please contact the editor.

  • Christine Fuller, organiser of the EHS Dinners, spots her cousin Brian Bell on the 1952 and 1954 school photos. For those of you with EHS friends or family members, the next EHS dinner is on May 16 2009 - see EHS link

    Rob Dove 61 adds CJ Jordan to the 1965 School photo - was his first name Colin?
    He also suggest alternative IDs for some of the back row on part 10 of that photo - can you help? -
    see via School Lists

    Fred Eden 44 has provided copies of the the signatures of former Heads BJA Neill and J Clement Platt - see History pages
    He has also provided the Order of Service for the funeral of Mr RA Taylor and an appreciation of RAT from the then Hon Sec of Cambridgeshire CCC, Mr PW Gooden - see In Memoriam > RAT

    John Cornwell 54 responds to John Gothard 53's story on a school bus from Ely that left the road- see Scrapbook > School Bus memories

  • Photo pages additions or updates
    Dudley Walton 63 has provided photos taken on a walk around the school grounds in the late 1980s, he thinks, by fellow Grammarian Reg Joyce 63 - before the major development of the school buildings took place - see Scrapbook > Other

June 2008

  • Stan Harley 53 has heard from Pete Eland 44 that Dennis G Peacock 44, died on May 5th and was cremated on May 19th.

  • Making contact
    Morley G Holliday 58, recently moved to Alicante from Oadby: KHJ Holliday 39 and Lewis C Holliday 57 are cousins who can be contacted via Morley

  • John Firby 49 has moved to the Isle of Wight

  • Photo pages additions or updates
    The editor visited John Browning in preparation for John's talk at this year's Dinner on his time on the staff (History, 1947-51, principal author of the School History). John provided an explanation to those who may have wondered why he disappeared from time to time ... - see School Lists > Staff > left before 1972

May 2008

  • Simon Curtis 67 is a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (2001-2002) "I finally have my website on-line" - see Pages by/on SGs

  • Trevor Smith 62 muses on aspects of a grammar school education - see Scrapbook > 1960s > Teaching Empathy

  • Dannie Nicholas 59 has provided several photos:
    A 1965 6th Form School trip to London, photo of a river trip - see History >> Visits > 1965 London
    Various Scouting photos - see History >> Scouts > Scout Album

April 2008

  • On March 13 a book launch took place in Belfast, for which some signed copies were flown in by four Tucano aircraft of No.72 Squadron RAF from Linton on Ouse. The book, by Guy Warner is Shorts - The Foreman Years. Philip Foreman came to Belfast in 1958 to work for Short & Harland Ltd on the Seacat missile system. In 1967 he was appointed Managing Director, a position he held for the next 21 years, combining it with the role of Chairman from 1983. These were great years for Shorts , the company became a world leader in the fields of commuter aircraft, missiles, aerostructures and advanced composite materials.

    This is the story of those exciting times and includes many personal memories from Sir Philip and others who worked with him. It is also profusely illustrated from the company archives. Philip Foreman entered SGS in 1934 - see more about him and the book via Pages by/on SGs

  • John Gothard 53 adds to memories of school bus journeys and hopes for some answers - see Scrapbook > School Bus memories

  • Making contact:
    Roger Logan 57, Cambridgeshire

  • Photo/page additions or updates:
    Philip Foreman 34 provides a snap of him as Victor Ludorum 1940 to his page - see Pages by/on SGs
    John Gothard
    53 updates the 1954 photo of Form 2P, identifying Malcolm Rowell - see via School Lists > Entry year guide > 1953
    Roger Logan 57 updates the 1960 School photo, part 10, with Graham Housden - see via School Lists

March 2008

  • Photo/page additions or updates:
    Keith Essex
    '64' updates the 1970 School Photo
    He also remembers the Radio Club - see Scrapbook
    Chris Goulty
    54 updates the 1954 and 1956 School photos. Over time different names have been provided on who is next to him in row three in section 9 of the 1956 photo - Charlie Kent or Les Leston ... second opinions sought!
    He adds "Regarding School Lists it is my recollection that they were not produced every year whilst I was at school. I think there may have been ones for my first [we have that] and second years [we don't have that] at school but don't remember lists for the following years until I left in 1959 [we have none for the period 1955-60]. This, if my memory is correct, would of course explain why you have been unable to obtain copies!"
    If you can verify or modify Chris's recollection, please contact the editor.

    Peter Roe 46 adds a name to the early 1950s 2nd XI Cricket photo: he has updated two of the IDs in the Football 2nd XI 1948-49 photo - see via Sport > Sports photos

  • Contact made with:
    Michael Bayes 67, Spain "My career has been in teaching - yes, in school all my life! I am currently Head of
    Xabia International College in Javea, Spain"
    Sid Cullum
    59, Cambridgeshire
    Robert Dove 61, New Zealand
    Keith Essex, Ontario, Canada: he was at the school 1969-71 in the Sixth Form, so his peer group is the 1964 entry

February 2008

  • Photo/page additions or updates:
    Many items were added Nov 07-Jan 08 - please check these as well.

    We are pleased to provide a web page for the Ely High School Annual Luncheons. The official EHS Old Girls organisation 'folded' in 2005 and now has an annual luncheon, no membership as such. If any former EHS is interested in these events, Christine Fuller, 243 High Barns, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4RN can be contacted - her late husband John (1947 entry) was a Grammarian. A number of Grammarians grew up with girls who went to EHS or married an EHS girl. Thanks to Lorna Delanoy for putting the editor in touch with Christine - see main site menu

    Roy King 59 finds himself on the 1960 School photo

    Mr Barry Bartholomew
    , PE & Games 1966-70 - see via School Lists > Staff > left pre 72
    Mr WK Beal
    Woodwork/Metalwork 1945-47
    - first name? see via School Lists > Staff > left pre 72
    Mr IR Dinger Bell English 1946
    - first name? see via School Lists > Staff > left pre 72
    Mr RH Brown OBE Science 1946-48
    - first name? - see via School Lists > Staff > left pre 72
    Christine Fuller adds a little on her late husband John (1947) - see In Memoriam

    Sport - see Sport > Sport photos
    Gary Mader 62 has provided a 1968 Football 2nd XI photo: first names are still needed for a few please

  • Contact made with:
    Andy Benson '59', Suffolk
    Chris Curtis 65, Suffolk: he has identified himself on the 1970 School photo
    Nick Davies 67, Northamptonshire
    Mr Anthony Foster, French 1951-57, Cambridgeshire -
    see new page via School Lists > Staff > left pre 72
    Frank Greig 52, South Australia, retired after a life in the newspaper world and now living two miles from the largest winery in the Southern Hemisphere
    Chris Pip Hart 48, Cambridgeshire
    Trevor Salmon 60, Chair of International Relations and Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration, Aberdeen University since 1996; Professor, College of Europe, since 1995: Trevor writes that he is about to publish his tenth book Issues in International Relations, Trevor C Salmon and Mark Imber eds, (Routledge 2008). "This is an introduction for all new students to International Relations and assumes no previous knowledge. For libraries the hardback is £75. For students £21.99 – a snip!" - see Pages by/on SGs
    Michael Tuffs 61, Norfolk

January 2008 - Happy New Year.

  • The author Brian MacArthur has kindly given permission for this website to use passages from his book Surviving The Sword - Prisoners of the Japanese 1942-45 which refer to Flt Lt Leslie Audus: Leslie's page on our website serves not only as a tribute to his life-saving work among fellow PoWs but also to Charles Carter 26, Leslie Partridge 30, Fred Hockley 34, Stanley Plumb 25 and William Steggles 22 who are all buried in the Far East - see Pages on/by SGs and In Memoriam > WW2

  • Complete School Lists for 17 of the school years since the end of WW2 have been added.
    The Salvete information on new arrivals has been sorted by entry year.

    If you were at SGS when Form II was where first years began you can now view your own version of the Entry Year Guide.

    If you have any School Lists for the missing years, please contact the editor - your contribution will be most helpful.
    For all the above please go via School Lists

  • Thanks to Chris Jakes 65 of the Cambridgeshire Collection, we have a photo of Mr William H Mould - seemingly a very successful and engaging Headmaster 1895-1914 - and a long article from the Ely Standard on his retirement. We are in touch with two great-grandchildren of Mr Mould.
    Two more chapters from the published School History covering his time have been added - see History

  • John Bull 40-42 died in December 2007. He was an evacuee from Cable Street in the East End of London and was Lord Mayor of Westminster 1984-85 - see his obituary in the Jewish Chronicle via In Memoriam

  • Photo/page additions or updates:

    Brian and Beth Lane have provided, via Les Read's daughter Wendy, a photo of a 1986 gathering of (very) Old Boys: can you add names, date, why and where? - see Scrapbook, Other

    Two 59ers recently visited Gordon Hemmings in Winchester - see School Lists > Staff > left pre-72 > Hemmings

    Tony (Richard) Sharp
    55 adds a Junior Football photo from 1956 - which team was it? Stan Harley, Terry Lupson, Trevor Parfitt, Tony Sharp, and Rob Sowerby have filled in the names - see via Sports

    Pages added on Mr Terry Jones, English 1955-57 and Mr Cecil Atkinson, Music 1956-57 - see via School Lists > Staff

    Easter 1971 Switzerland
    - see via History > History2 > School Visits

    Arms and The Man
    1971: updated with the article and images from the Summer 1971 school magazine

    ACF Bren practice:
    two photos from Mr (Lt) Peter Scott of Bren practice on the Barton range - see History > History2 > ACF

    Scout Dinner year 1966-67:
    Dudley Walton 63 adds some names - see History > History2 > Scouts

    Senior Prizegiving 1967
    : Don Fleet 61 and Nick Grainger '61' add some names - see Scrapbook

    1970 School Photo
    : Tony Willenbruch 62 helps on a couple of names - see via School Lists

    Ten Little Niggers
    OB production 1959: Mrs Lorna Delanoy, née Freeman, has provided a programme: some names need adding to the photo of the cast ... History > History2 > Productions

    Michael Delanoy
    48 provides a photo of an early 1950s Cricket 2nd XI, can someone pin down the year please? see via Sport

    Incidentally, Lorna writes that the official EHS Old Girls organisation 'folded' in 2005 and now has an annual luncheon, no membership as such. If any former EHS is interested in these events, Christine Fuller, 243 High Barns, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4RN can be contacted - her late husband John (1947 entry) was a Grammarian.

    Terry Lupson 55 tidies up a few of the names in the 1955 entry

  • Sadly, news of three deaths. If you can provide more information, please contact the editor:
    Martin Ruczaj 59, several years ago - via his cousin JP Admaski
    Michael Searle Cynth 59, after a long illness, died 7 December 2007: confirmed by his brother Colin; Mick had been living in Cambridge for many years and the two brothers worked very hard to make a great success of the family business - see In Memoriam
    Ian Tatham Spud 59, died in May 2006 after a long illness; he had worked in the NHS: via his daughter Gemma

  • Contact made with:
    Robert Bass 59, Cambridgeshire
    David Coey
    '63', Cambridgeshire
    Tom Crawford
    59, Cambridgeshire
    Paul Dunham 59, Cambridgeshire: a governor of Soham Village College
    Paul Hammans
    '68', Cambridgeshire
    Terry Ellingham
    59, Norfolk
    Michael Fenn
    61, teaching at a university in Sweden
    Adrian Foreman
    59, Cambridgeshire
    Mr Terry Jones,
    English 1955-57, Devon
    Tim Jordan
    59, Cambridgeshire
    Roy King 59, Suffolk
    David Morley 54, Cambridgeshire
    Terry Newman
    59, Cambridgeshire
    Dick Peachey
    59, Cambridgeshire
    Tom Sandham
    '59', Worcestershire
    Colin Searle
    62, Cambridgeshire: brother of the late Michael Searle 59: see Pages by/on SGs
    Tony (Richard) Sharp
    55, Alberta, Canada
    Denis Sindall
    40: The Sindalls recently moved to Northumberland when the Revd Canon Christine Sindall retired as Rector of the Cheveley Group of Parishes near Newmarket. Denis was Health and Safety officer for East Cambridgeshire District Council until his retirement in 1996.
    Ian Storey '59', Cambridgeshire
    Dick Turnill 59, Cambridgeshire
    Bob Tyler 62, West Midlands
    Michael Woodruff 59, Cambridgeshire

There were 53 email additions in 2008 (37 in 2007, 34 in 2006, 28 in 2005, 40 in 2004).