Soham Grammarians
Christmas parties Dec 1954

Once again parties dominated the Christmas festivities. The Old Folk of Soahm were given their annual treat while the House parties, as usual, provided an outlet for mildly or chaotic revelry as the case was.

The Technical Sixth were darkly reticent about what happened at their party, but it appears that if anyone had taken a peep into the Prefects' Room during the course of the evening, they would have observed Mr Lawrance lying on the floor with Mr Webb and Norman squatting on his struggling form in their efforts to obtain the Punishment Books in a game of 'Forfeits'.

The Science Sixth were not unwilling to disclose their secrets. They tell us that the Headmaster and Mr Lawrance had a party for two - they played 'The Spirit Rests', a weird game demanding mathematical precision!

The notorious Arts Sixth held its hilarious party on the last evening of term - and hilarious it really was! A most pleasant feature of the party was the presence as guests of so many distinguished ex-members of the form, such as Rouse, Doe, Sparkes and the irrepressible Murfet. Perhaps the most intriguing game of the evening was 'Murder'. The dastardly crime, committed in the swirling smog created by Mr Ford's plutocratic cigar, is still being doggedly investigated by the detective, Mr Joiner. Hot on the scent, he reports that he has narrowed down the number of suspects to thirty-five. As the Arts Sixth was gallantly escorting its guests to waiting taxis Mr Kitchen could be seen pursuing Hobbs with his holiday homework. All good things come to an end. (PDS)
[editor: is PDS PD South (1948)? KGV is Ken Vail (1950)]

cartoon by KGV (VA): from the New Year 1955 issue of the Soham Grammarian.
Please identify those shown

David Cross (1954): The tall figure is Richard Kershaw, the School Captain on the wall is John Butcher - both confirmed by John Butcher

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