Soham Grammarians - Mr Herbert Peacock, History 1937-43

Soham Grammarian Summer 1943

We are sorry to hear that we are about to lose Mr. HL Peacock, who is starting, next term, to teach at his new post at Trinity County School, Wood Green, London. He will be in the same position, that of History Master, as he was here, only at a much bigger school.

Mr. Peacock has been with us since 1937, and his excellent teaching, his expert knowledge of his subject, combined with his interest in various school activities - music, boxing, chess - have endeared him to us all; we wish him the very best of luck in his new position.

from the 1937 School photo

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Terry Allen 39 (8 Mar 2005): The only thing I can remember about this chap was that it was custom for each afternoon one of the Sixth Form came round asking if anyone was booked for detention. On this particular day none was and so Herbert in his wisdom said that I had better fill the gap .... I did not like him.

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