Soham Grammarians - 1970s Prefects' Charter

The Prefects' Charter

  1. Understanding as I do that he who is to command must first learn to obey I will loyally keep the rules of the school, both those that are written and those that are unwritten.

  2. I will strive at all times, both in school and out, to set an example to other boys by my conduct and deportment.

  3. I realise that the office of prefect, besides carrying privileges also entails responsibilities. I will try never to abuse the privileges or lower the dignity of my office and I will strive to be mindful of its duties and responsibilities.

  4. In my jurisdiction over other boys I will strive always to be just; I will be cheerful without courting popularity and I will remember that justice should at times be tempered with mercy.

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source: via Chris Jakes, a Sixth Former in 1971, 1972
created 4 Oct 12