Soham Grammarians : Prefects 1953

Back Row: William Doe, Ian Muir, Victor Watson, John (Muggy) Watson, P (Charlie) Green?, John Royston, Keith Bullman
Middle Row: John Aspland?, John Fordham, Michael Turner?, Tony Langford, Viv? Burton, John Butcher, Ken Day
Front Row: David Sparkes, Charles Tassell, John Lenanton, Tom Perry, Colin Rouse, Bernie Nicholas
(source: John Butcher)

John Butcher (1947) writes: it looks as if Tom Perry was Head Boy at that time rather than in 1954 as listed on the website [see School Lists]. My recollection was that I was Head Boy the following year, 1954-5. However, I can't reconcile this with the holders of that office in earlier years where my memory agrees with the list. Can anyone assist?

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