Soham Grammarians : Prewar Athletics

3rd May 1937 Sports Day winners

Philip Lovering, Malcolm Norman, R Sykes, Gerald Sadler

Doug Tann, K Turner, Harold Cook, L Steadman, Brown, Cogbill, John Norman

John Peacock, A Isaacson, Ron Harding, H Simpson, Malcolm Sadler, G Butcher

Fred Hockley, HB Walton, R Butcher, Oliver Fyson, Billie Allen

source: Wilkes Walton (1936)


Hereward House 1938

J Johnson, B Stubbins, George Dann, HF 'Rats' Harding, Philip Lovering, CR 'Cuthie' Allen, J 'Slogger' Atkin

Eric Smith, HB Walton, R 'Weeny' Butcher, A Fuller, L Stimpson, Mike Ward

source: Wilkes Walton (1936) "We had purple triangles but no standard way of sewing them on."


1939 Sports Day winners

back: Pope, R Harding, E Smith, Turner, Cornell, Ball, Palmer, Gandy, Steel, Isaacson, Thompson, Simpson
row 3: Jarman, Constable, Cross, Bridgeman, Heywood, Leonard, Graves?, Hiblin?, ??, South?, Thorby?, ??, Covell?
row 2: Taylor, Allen, Bradshaw, Peckitt, Norman, Allen, ??, Walton, ??, ??
front: ??, Mason, Brown, Butcher, ??, ??, ??, Boyce? [source: Wilkes Walton]

Wilkes Walton (1936) writes: Johnnie Norman was a superb athlete, running at County level whilst still at school. After he was killed his parents gave a cup for the Cross Country. I was the first winner on the last day of the Spring Term, 1944. I am proud to say I still have the miniature on my sideboard in memory of Johnnie.

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