Soham Grammarians
Soham Grammar School - Prize List 1903

Cambridge. Local Senior ( 3 Boys ).
General Proficiency.
Percy Butcher.
Mathematics. Percy Butcher.

Cambridge. Local Junior ( 9 Boys).
1st General Proficiency. 
Wallace Fyson.
2nd General Proficiency. Harold Banyard.
Mathematics. Cecil Edmunds.

Form IV  ( 16 Boys ).
1st General Proficiency. 
Robert Day.
2nd General Proficiency.  Ernest Waddington.
Mathematics.  Robert Day.

Form III  ( 15 Boys ).
1st General Proficiency. 
Robert Price.
2nd General Proficiency.  Hugh Barnett.

Form II ( 19 Boys ).
1st General Proficiency.
Percy Green.
2nd General Proficiency.  Claude Edmunds.

Form I  ( 4 Boys ).
General Proficiency. 
John Cowell.

Science. Cambridge Local Classes.  Percy Butcher.
Science. Form IV. Robert Day.

Drawing. Cambridge Local Classes
Form IV.
Harold Banyard.
Forms III & II. George Chaloner.

Woodwork. Cambridge Local Classes.
Form IV. 
Percy Hitch.

Special Prize presented by the Headmaster for Drawing. Gordon Palmer.

source: and reproduced with their permission