Soham Grammarians
Soham Grammar School - Prize List 1904

Special Class
(1) P.G. Butcher
(2) A.P. Long

Form V (9 Boys)
General Proficiency.
C.H. Edmunds
Mathematics. R.W. Fyson
Science. C.H. Edmunds

Form IV (12 Boys)
General Proficiency.
D.C. Stone
Mathematics. C.R. Long
Science. D.C. Stone

Form III (19 Boys)
1st General Proficiency.
W.H. Mann
2nd General Proficiency. Claude Edmunds
Science. Claude Edmunds
Mathematics. W.H. Mann

Forms II & I. A Division (15 Boys)
1st General Proficiency.
P.E. Boyce
2nd General Proficiency. R. Jarrold
Arithmetic & English. J. Cowell

Forms II & I.B Division (6 Boys)
Arithmetic & Writing.
Colin Chester

Woodwork. E. Waddington

Drawing. 1st Division.
(1) C.H. Edmunds
(2) P.G. Butcher

Drawing. 2nd Division
P. Squirrell

source: and reproduced with their permission