Soham Grammarians
Soham Grammar School - Prize List, Christmas 1899.

Science & Art Classes.
1st Prize.  A. L. James.
2nd Prize.  C. E. Wilson.
3rd Prize.  James Mann.

Cambridge Local Examination, Class Prizes.
Senior Division.  Arthur L. James. aged 15.
Junior Division.  C. E. Wilson.
Both obtained distinction marks for Drawing.

Form Prizes.
Form V & IV.  General Proficiency.
(i) E. E. Thompson. (i) H. Lepla.
James Mann.
Form III. General Proficiency.
W. Haddock.
R. Howlett.
Form II. General Proficiency.
A. Hobbs.
Form I. Divinity & English.
C. Fritz,  W. Morbey.
  Wallace Fyson.
Special Prize.  J. McQuiban.

French Pupils.
General Proficiency.
(i) Paul Gambier,  (ii) Paul Leprunier.

Dormitory Prize. Jules Gambier.

(Chemistry Prize not Awarded.)

source: and reproduced with their permission