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Keith Essex '64' writes 25 Feb 08: Although I only attended the school for a couple of years [69-71] I have many fond memories of those times, especially the Radio Club. There was an old building in the back garden where we used to hang out, I remember watching the first moon landings on an old TV we had there, John and David Fellows, Philip Jefferson, Mick Brogan and I think Jonny Carter were all members and we had a great time there.

I also remember the driving lessons, run by the British School of Motoring, they were fun and I passed my test first time after that!

I remember the time that the buses were on strike and we were expected to hitch a ride to school from Sutton, one particular day Jonny Carter and I couldn't quite seem to get a lift at all, so we took the day off. Unfortunately, later in the day we got into an accident on my AJS 350 motor cycle and Jonny was hurt, of course, this all got back to Mr Tabraham who wanted to know why we couldn't have used the bike to get to school, he was not impressed at all! Jonny meanwhile was in hospital and didn't have to take the heat.

I used to belong to the school scout troop and one time we went on a camping trip to Aviemore in Scotland with Tony Cornell the physics teacher. It rained continuously and we all got really wet, but luckily we were able to move into the chalet that was there and it was ok after that.

The radio club came along as well of course and we were able to make lots of contacts on 'Top Band' from there.

from the Soham Grammarian Summer 1969

Radio Club

The Radio Club has made great progress in the last year, the main event being the acquisition of a Club Room. The original 'Physics Back Room Six' have now increased to over two dozen, and membership has had to be limited as the size of the new clubroom leaves much to be desired.

All the equipment was moved from the laboratory, and with help from Mr Cornell and Mr Mason, a cupboard was acquired, plus various desks and chairs which were moved to the Shack (the Club name for the room). With the increased membership it was decided to obtain some new equipment. This was done, and now the Club boasts two televisions, one radio set, and many other old sets in various states of serviceability.

The Club has already started lectures and films, and in the near future it is hoped to invite the Headmaster to give us lectures on the fundamentals of radio. New members have already started to construct their particular projects under the guidance of the senior members.

Because of the GCE Exams the senior members have been unable to assist in the running of the Club but as the exams have now finished it is hoped to make the Club a going concern. By next year we hope we will have a meeting each week after school in which members will be able to sort out any problems incurred during constructional work in the week.

PM Geeson, JD Fellows,
M Brogan, CR Maschke

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