Soham Grammarians - some of 1945 entry in Summer, 1948

Ralph Sparrow SG45 writes: This photo was taken in 1948 just prior to our form teacher, Jack Symmons, leaving SGS.
back r0w (r4): Colin Scarfe - David Crabbe - Denis Cutworth - Colin Cornwall - Jimmy Watson - Richard Oliver
r0w 3: Don Boud - Peter Bullman -George Peacock - John Currie - Derek Notley - Mr J Symmons - Ian Coulson - Ian McCullough - John Fuller
r0w 2: Ralph Sparrow - Roy Goodwin - Alan Taylor - Richard Capp - Alan Lack - Ronald Southgate
front row (r1): David Bray - Henry Fletcher - John Macrow - Mansell Turner - Don Murfitt

Photo source: Ralph Sparrow SG45
IDs: Ralph Sparrow
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