Soham Grammarians - U15 Football XI - 1970?

L-R back: Clive Paskell - Paul Grainger - Stephen Mansfield - Gary Coxon - David Sizer - Steven Bullman - Steven East
middle: Richard Berney - Graham Brown - Robert Pott - Colin Hills - Stephen Watson
front: Michael Clarke - Roy Claringbold - Geoffrey Double
Photo by: Jack Cassenden Photography, Ely

source: Gary Coxon: "I'm pretty sure it is the under fifteen side from about 1970/1971 although I stand to be corrected should any body know better! I can't exactly say I was over enthralled with my time at Soham Grammar although the passage of time has mellowed my dislike of the place. And there is probably some mileage in the adage about "school days being the happiest days of your life.

If my memory serves correctly we won about as many as we lost and tried desperately not to do anything noteworthy, as that would mean having to give the dreaded account in school assembly on Monday morning!"

Colin Hambidge 24.11.06: It may be the 71/72 season, as Clive Paskell did not join our year until the third or possibly even the fourth form.

identifiers: Gary Coxon, Colin Hambidge, Tony Noble

last update 27 Nov 2006