Soham Grammarians - Sports Day 16 May 1972

Enfin tout est fini. Consummatum est! All good things come to an end, not the least being Sports Day at the Grammar School. We faced the changes from miles to metres with regret and from pounds to kilos with annoyance but now we are faced with the ultimate. Come then, let us to the task and make this day, the last, the best.

Famous names are recalled today - Norman, Sargent, Darby, Willett, Houghton, Neate and many others too numerous to mention - and particularly that little band led by Dick Houghton who in 1964, immediately after Sports Day, went on to win three Shields out of four at the Fenland Sports, including that of Champion School.

Athletic glory was not however confined to that single year for this very present year -1972 no less - saw the success of our teams in the Fenland Schools Cross Country Event in winning four Shields, including that of Champion School.

Le roi est mort, vive, le roi and Floreat Sohamiensis.

The track's not all, a breathless hush has often descended on the cricket field. At 90 not out would Reg Quiver make a 'ton' against the County Club? Alas 'twas not to be, but David Bailey made a hundred against King's Lynn to be surpassed by his 87 out of 103 for 1 against the Perse. Bob Barber just a short time later made 100, against King's Lynn and Martin Shalders won the match with 6 for 10.

In winter we played Soccer. Goals galore! We shall not forget George Peacock's six against the King's School while suffering from concussion, nor Alan Parish's four against Huntingdon - his nose broken early in the match. John Fordham played for Oxford v. Cambridge and 90 of us went to see him play at Wembley. Geoffrey Burton got a Falcon at Cambridge but no 'Blue' there. Did I say no 'Blue'? I almost forgot David Bray's for Boxing.

Eric Simper has played for Cambridgeshire for some time and has been captain recently. Lester Newell still heads the list for goal scorers in the Eastern Counties League. Our thanks to all those of many talents on the field, good allrounders. Neates, Whetstones, Coxes, Souths, Leonards and a host of others all laid a good foundation - ready for a superstructure?


  1. Each House may enter two competitors per event, with the exception of the HIGH JUMP and HURDLES events which will be restricted to one competitor per house.

  2. No boy may enter for more than 3 individual events, which may consist of two track and one field event or vice versa, plus a relay.

  3. The draw for lanes has been made previously and is as indicated in the programme.

  4. The age groups will be as follows: U.13, U.14, U.15, U.16 and Senior, ages being taken as at midnight on 31st August/ 1st September, 1972, i.e. generally speaking, U.13 boys are first year's etc.

  5. When an event is called, competitors must immediately report to the competitors steward - A. O. Russ, Esq.- even if this means leaving a field event temporarily. Owing to the tightness of the programme, events cannot be delayed for latecomers.



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source: Chris Jakes
created 4 Oct 12