Soham Grammarians - Soham Grammar School 1914

Headmaster - C.E. Harvey-Jacobs, B. Sc. (Vict.) L.C.P.
Late Senior Science Tutor at the Normal College, Bangor.

Assistant Masters
E.J. Williams, B. Sc. (Wales)
J.L. Jones, B.A. (London)
E.W. Church
Walter Bishop (Manual Instructor).

The present number of Boys is 56, viz.

(A) 15 Free Scholars who pay no fees
A.J. Covell,  F.J. Isaacson,  R. Reader (Fordham)
F.R. Fyson,  W. Leonard,  H. Serjeant (Fordham)
V. Gillson,  R. Leonard (Pratt St),  R.D. Thomson
S.T. Granfield (Wicken), R.C.O. Leonard (Shade), E.T. White
E .F. Hobbs,  F. Martin,  C.R. Woollard.

(B) 4 Boys who's fees are paid by The Cambridgeshire County Council
W.A. Bailey,  T.S. Robson,  A.H.J. Sudbury
T.N. Parish

(C) 15 Boys who's fees are paid by the Isles of Ely County Council
A.E. Allsop,  H.W. Hawes,  S.C. Ludmon
E.H. Barber,  R. Hayes,  P. J. Palmer
W. E. Creek,  E.C. Jacobs,  G.W. Sneesby
R.G. Drake,  R.L. Kemp, A. Taylor
P.E. England,  R.H. Kisbey, G. Yarrow

(D) 22 fee paying Boys
R.A. Brewster,  E. Fleming,  R. Mann,  F.C. Bull
R.S. Fleming,  H. Mann,  E.C. Bull,  H.W. Hazell
S. Metcalfe,  R. Cole,  F.H. Holden,  C. Morton
O.F. Cream,  A. Holden,  C. Procter,  D. Everitt
L. Howard,  F. Waddington,  D.M. Fleming
R.F.C. Jackson,  G.H. Wilderspin,  H.V. Willis

The School was recently visited by the new Chief District Inspector, Mr Bertram, and also by another Inspector, Mr Beeting, for the woodwork Class conducted by Mr Bishop. Boys can be admitted at 7 years of age, paying a lower fee till they are 10. The half term holiday will be given on Monday November 2nd, and new Pupils can be admitted when the School re-opens on Tuesday November 3rd at 2.30pm.

source: and reproduced with their permission