Soham Grammarians : An SGS family over 50 years

A reminiscence from a lady, Mrs D Green, whose father, son and son-in-law attended the school.

At the age of six years I became aware of the importance of Soham Grammar School when I discovered my father's school books - why had his books got a badge enclosing two birds and strange words whilst my infant school had nothing like that? Stranger still the peculiar hat affair, now known to me as a 'mortar-board'. This head gear was worn as near as I can recall up to the pre-1914 war. An old pupil informs me also that Eton type suits were also worn and how very grateful scholarship boys were for the offer of hand-downs, as new items were expensive.

Although over sixty-five years ago I can still see in my mind's eye the text book with its printed copperplate writing-with the space underneath for the pupil to imitate.

I cannot remember any kind of social activities relating to the school - it seemed almost forbidden ground except for staff and pupils. The only exception to my knowledge was an evening class for woodwork (at the old premises in Churchgate Street). Speech days and prizegiving days were held in the old Conservative Club in White Hart Lane.

One spot widely used in years gone by was our old Railway Station, now non-existent. Trains brought in the boys from near and far for day school - it was one of the delights of girlhood to watch their departure on the 4pm train. A cat can look at a king! Pony traps were also used a great deal for transport, plus the humble bicycle.

One cannot close without remembering the boys that did not return from the last war. It was a joy to watch the Normans from Littleport and Haddenham on Sports days - what wonderful athletes they would have become.

This is a small world. My son was married in a little church near Nuneaton. The ceremony was performed by the grandson by marriage of Mr. Mould, a previous Headmaster of the old Grammar School.

From the 1972 Soham Grammarian

[The great grandaughter of William Mould has asked us to try and contact Mrs D Green or her family: if you can help please contact the editor].

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