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Land of great skies and measureless horizons,
Image of heaven's calm eyes - all deeds enfolding,
Let us acquire thy clear and ample vision;
Make us worthy of thy beholding.

(verse 2 unaccompanied)
School at the bright land's centre, radiant always,
Close at hand or far in recollection.
Gracious of gifts as when we first beheld thee,
Make us deserve thy deep affection.

Lord, who beholdest all the great departed,
These and their sons in eager hope now leaping
To surpass them as the future glows and widens,
Have them in Thine especial keeping.

Words by Geoffery Johnson, Music provided later by Andrew F Pusey
Copyright 1954 by Soham Grammar School
Thanks to Robert Haslam, who used
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and James Haslam who converted the original midi file to an mp3 file.
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Two Soham Grammar School Songs that might have been

From the Soham Grammarian of Summer 1966

Mr. L. G. Johnson, Senior English Master and later Second Master from 1924 to 1953 died during the year. Our contribution here is to print, in affectionate memory, two other versions of a School Song, written by Mr. Johnson, but rejected in favour of the one we still sing.

ALMA MATER i (ALMA MATER ii is the one above)

HONOUR and praise and love for this ardent home of learning
Be ours who proudly gather from many a scattered mile;
Here, when the world is dark, are wisdom's lamps kept burning,
Here is the joy through labour, the problem met with a smile.

Pure as her winds, and wise as her streams of leisurely paces,
Old, yet eternally young as her fields at break of day,
Shines the remembering Mother whose ageless heart embraces
Sons of her mighty purpose and bids us do as they.

Mother of Arts, and Muse with the fearless gaze of Science,
Take us and make us discover the truth that sets men free:
First and last, in the depths and heights of our alliance,
Teach us to know ourselves, the God within us and thee.


FROM Soham's fringe and centre,
From northern Ely's bounds,
From Cam to south we enter
The School's historic grounds;

From Haddenham lifting west-wise
And Isleham lying east,
We gladly enter guest-wise
For learning's daily feast.

Far, farther north's our faring,
Some roam by southern stars.
The wild West knows our daring,
Nor farthest East debars:

But these, and those remaining
A stone's throw from her Hall
Confess with heart unfeigning
This is the best of all:

Whether we stay or wander,
We gaze in memory's pool
And grow forever fonder
And prouder of the School.

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