Soham Grammarians - School Year 1941-42 Entry

Form 2 (starting year)
1941-42 school year
Form Master: ?

Tony Appleyard
Derek Barker
Viv Bobby
Denis Brown
Tony Cooper
Ron Cross
David Elmer
Tony Ford
Bob Leonard (met at dinner 2 years ago)
Reg Moore
John Neville
Ray Powell
Les Reed
Tony Roe
Colin Smith
Ray Stittle
Maurice Thulbon
Cyril Titmarsh
Terry Titmarsh (not related)

John Leaney writes (September 2003): I have come up with a few names that started when I did in 1941. 

David Nash was an evacuee from London and did not join in Form 2, I think, but was with us for a few years.


Autumn 1941


Adcock, RW
Appleyard, AC
Baker, R
Barker, DR
Bell, DL
Bobby, CV
Brown, DA
Cooper, ARW
Cousins, JA
Cross, PT
Cross, RK
Darnell, ED
Elmer, DJ
Ford, AF
Franklin, I
Gage, WE
Godfrey, KE
Gimbert, MK
Handley, L
Hitch, KA
Hopkin, FA
Killock, RC
Leaney, JE
Markillie, MR
Moore, RCA
Powell, RJ
Reed, LC
Roe, GA
Scott, JK
Setchell, L
Smith, CB
Stittle, RF
Thulbon, MR
Titmarsh, C
Titmarsh, TP
Warren, PD
Woolf, G
White, CA
Williams, RJ


Autumn 1942


DO Cox
D Gardiner
REJ Underhill
DG Warrilow

sources: Soham Grammarian Autumn 1941, Spring (nil) & Summer, Autumn 1942, courtesy of Wilkes Walton
update 27 Dec 2007