Soham Grammarians - School Year 1942-43 Entry

Form 2* (starting year)
1942-43 list
Mr RL 'Taffy' Thomas
No of boys: 39

Aspland, Keith: Soham
Audus, Ron: Soham
Barton, Eric: Burwell
Beazley, Geoff: Ely
Blakeway, Keith: Ely
Browning, Ivan: Sutton
Bumpsteed, Brian: Littleport
Carter, Malcolm: Ely
Cockerton, Peter: Stretham
Crisp, Edwin: Soham Fen
Delanoy, John: Ely
Dorling, Leslie: Ely
Eden, Cyril: Soham
Fowler, Tony: Kennet
Fretwell, Rodney: Chettisham
Godden, Geoff: Ely
Grooms, Vernon: Fordham
Handley, Peter: Haddenham
Hitch, Trevor: Burwell
Housden, Dick: Burwell
Howard, Ken : Ely
Lofts, Alan: Littleport
McCallum, Donald: Ely
Mann, Tony: Soham
Mason, ?: Littleport
Nash, Reggie: Ely
Neville, John: Littleport
Norman, Robert: Haddenham
Norton, David: Burwell
Paget, Slacker: Littleport
Parmenter, Arnold: Fordham
Parr, Gerald: Fordham
Parry, John: Ely
Pate, Martin: Witcham
Price, John: Ely
Sallis, Malcolm: Littleport
Sykes, Maurice: Upware
Sykes, Roger: Ely
Vail, Dennis: Littleport

*This Form 2 information has been provided via Roger Sykes by Cyril Eden, one of five brothers who all attended SGS! Cyril now lives in Ipswich. He does not have access to his own PC so Roger was entrusted to convey this for publishing on our website.

Head Master: Stanley Stubbs
Arithmetic/Geography: Taffy Thomas
PT: ditto
French: Kate Goodison
History: Herb Peacock
Rural Science: George Hunt
General Science: Charlie Ford
EngLang/Lit: Bish Johnson
Art/Music: Critchey Crouch
Woodwork/Geometry: Woot Copland

Spring 1945

Chalkowski, F


Autumn 1942


Aspland, KL
Audus, RC
Barton, ES
Beazley, GN
Blakeway, K
Browning, IJC
Bumpsteed, B
Carter, MA
Cockerton, PT
Crisp, E
Delanoy, JWL
Dorling, SL
Eden, C
Fowler, A
Fretwell, RA
Godden, GJ
Grooms, VW
Handley, P
Hitch, TR
Housden, RJW
Howard, K
Lofts, AH
Mann, TWE
Mason, NH
McCallum, DM
Nash, RWH
Neville, JW
Norman, RH
Norton, D
Padgett, B
Parmenter, ARC
Parr, GS
Parry, AJ
Pate, M
Price, JR
Sallis, EM
Sykes, MHC
Sykes, R
Vail, D

sources: Soham Grammarian Autumn 1942, Spring (nil) and Summer (nil) 1943, courtesy Wilkes Walton
updated 12 Mar 12