SGS - started Sep 1955
1961-62 list
Mr TL Riley
No of boys: 5

Bailey, DB*
Clarke, GM (1T)
Cogman, MA (1?)
Hicks, G (1T)
Shalders, MJ*

SGS - started Sep 1955
FORM UVI Science
1961-62 list
Mr CJ Ford
No of boys: 14

Armitage, RD (had joined later from Kings School)
Burling, BR
Hancock, GR*
Kelly, WH (1S)
Lee, TB* (1T)
Lowe, BM (1S)
Page, M (1T)
Register, DJ (1T)
Scott, RE
Speed, DAA*
Taylor, CR (1T)
Wheeler, MK (1S)
Wilderspin, PE (1S)
Wise, JW (1S)

SGS - started Sep 1955
FORM UVI Technical
1961-62 list
None shown

Trevor Parfitt: UVI Technical in 1955:
Mr EH Tabraham
Banyard, David
Doe, Richard
Hood, REG
Weston, Les
Parfitt, Trevor

Barry Lowe (1955) and Michael Clark # (1955) have provided these additional names for the 1955 entry

Bamford, Brian?
Banyard, David
Carter, Trevor
Clark, David
Coe, Edward
Cole, Tim (?)
Dibbs, Quentin
Duffin, Billy
Green, Phillip
Langford, Gary
Leaford, Clive
Misson, Steve
Mitton, Ian
Nix, Peter
Parfitt, Trevor
Peckett, John
Rowe, Barry
Sharp, Richard (Tony)
Tester, Mike


Banyard, Brian (cousin of David) #
Binge, Edward (EA, Ted) #
Clark, Michael (M, Mick) #
Cogman, Michael (MA, Mac) #
Cornes, Paul
Dant, Robin (RD) #
Ding (later Hill), Robin #
Driver, Vincent (VS, Vince) #
Goad, Peter (Gus) #
Graves, Brian #
Griffin, David (DP, Spike) #
Hood, REG/Grant
Jackson, Peter (was Nicholas)
Kerridge, Brian
Lupson, Terry
Mosedale, Nigel (joined later from Alloa)
Nunn, Andrew
Rule, Terry (Sprat)
Scott, Russell (joined later when parents moved to Soham)
Southgate, Chris
Taylor, David (Ginger)
Taylor, Clive

Terry Rule adds:
Shaw, Michael
Scarborough, Barry

Barry writes: The forms were 1S (headed by 'Sid' Saunders) and 1T headed by 'RAT' Taylor). These later became 2S and 2T before merging into 3L (for Latin under 'Punch' Lawrance) and 3T [Trevor Parfitt says T for Taffy Thomas rather than Tabraham]. I am very sure about Chris Southgate and Andrew Nunn. They were close friends - we formed the 'ABC' club after our initials. We used to organise football and cricket matches between our respective villages (Soham, Burwell and Newmarket) in the school holidays and cycle to each others village to play them. We also played in the first chess match the school played in ( I can provide some details of the early SGS Chess Club, if you would like). I am certainly not aware of Wally being a nickname for David Register, although I have a vague memory of that being the nickname for his younger brother, Richard. He also had an older brother, Alan, I believe.

sources: Michael Clark, Barry Lowe, Philip Oakes, Terry Lupson, Trevor Parfitt, Terry Rule, Tony (Richard) Sharp
* = are also listed among the 1954 entry.
David Cross says a number of the above were in their third year in the Sixth Form.
It would be really helpful to be able to borrow the School Calendar & Lists for 1955, 1956
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