Soham Grammarians - 1956-57 Form I (entry year)

Form 1T seating plan

Form 1S
Mr SR Saunders

Bailey R
Bashford C
Butcher R
Dean RL
Durrant RM
Ellingham D
Else R
Gamble B
Gray P
Howe N
Jarvis N
Manning DE
Martin M
Ogden RPR
Patterson N
Pollard G
Reynolds T
Rudd C
Salmon S
Simpson J
Smith T
Strevens M
Thulborn B
Tingey W
Whiting K
Whymer I
Form 1T
Mr RA Taylor

Aves PJ d
Barnett A
Baumber DL
Butler AD
Chester B
Clay D
Daly J
Docherty H
East J
Fisher M
Fuller GI
Ginn J
Gregory J
Howard NDW
Lovett D
Long NV
Mallion P
Maxwell N
Murfet G
Pearce E
Pollard M
Poole S
Register R
Rouse G
Sandham R
Smith E d
Smith RJ
Tassell A
Venney R
Warne I
White I
Woodroffe R

source: Roger Smith 56 - updated Apr 2020: d = has died
"Form 1T I am pretty confident of, but Robbie Butcher may have been in 1T not 1S as I have written.
There must also be some missing from 1S."

SGS - started Sep 1956
1961-62 list
Mr TL Riley

No of boys: 8
Aves, PJ
Cornes, P
East, J
Manning, DE
Ogden, RP
Rogers, MC
Rouse, G
Sandham, R
SGS - started Sep 1956
FORM LVI Science
1961-62 list
Mr CJ Ford

No of boys: 18
Ball, GJ
Baumber, DL
Butler, AD
Daly, JM
Dean, RL
Docherty, WH
Durrant, RM
Else, RW
Gamble, B
Hood, REG
Pollard, GC
Poole, SJ
Register, RP
Reynolds, TM
Smith, EGR
White, I
Whymer, IJ
Woodroffe, R
SGS - started Sep 1956
FORM LVI Technical
1961-62 list
Mr EH Tabraham

No of boys: 8
Benson, RD
Ellingham, DP
Fuller, GI
Harper, R
Howard, NDW
Leonard, JL
Rudd, CW
Starling, GD

source: Philip Oakes 61

Gwyn Murfet 15 May 10: FORM 1T Seating plan - September 1956 (Ian White Form Captain)

  Masterís Desk   Blackboard   Door
  Register R White I Ginn Fuller Aves
Woodruffe Rouse Poole Gregory Fisher (not Bailey, but who?)
Warne Sandham Pollard M Howard East Barnett
Venney Smith EGR Pierce Levitt Docherty WH Baumber
  Smith R Murfet Long Daly Butcher
  Tassell A Maxwell Mallion Clay Chester

This makes 33 whereas I thought we numbered 32, but my memory may be deceiving me! Wasnít originally happy with the first row, and had initially written ďAves, Barnett, Baumber, Butcher, Butler, ChesterĒ, but then realised I had missed out Bailey, and on further reflection concluded that Butler had been in 1S. Certainly Chester was in that far corner, with Clay back row next across. As I recall, Pierce left during the first year to go to Australia, and received much flack especially from Punch, who concluded that his parents must have known they were emigrating when they accepted the place at SGS. What that then did to seating I canít remember, as I donít remember an empty seat!

10/4/20 Gwyn Murfet: My 1T form list (from memory) is certainly incorrect as Robin Bailey was in 1S.
However neither Roger Smith nor I can place Butcher - 1T or 1S?

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