Soham Grammarians : Twelfth Night 1960

Soham Grammar School
William Shakespeare
December 1960

(in order of speaking)

ORSINO, Duke of Illyria G.R. Hancock
CURIO } gentlemen attending on M.J. Shalders
VALENTINE } the Duke R.P. Ogden
A SEA CAPTAIN, friend to Viola C.R. Southgate
SIR TOBY BELCH, uncle to Olivia B.W. Halls
MARIA, waiting woman to Olivia D. Bloomfield
SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK, a foolish knight B.M. Lowe
FESTE, a jester S. J. Poole
OLIVIA, a countess G.C. Pollard
MALVOLIO, steward to Olivia G.S. Davis
ANTONIO a sea captain friend to Sebastian P.J. Deasley
SEBASTIAN, twin brother to Viola W.H. Docherty
OFFICERS C.M. Bull, E. Spires
A PRIEST R. Powell
ATTENDANTS, SAILORS and others: G.J. Ball, M. Lloyd,
J.P. Lupson, M.J. Petty, R. Sandham and R.L. Wheeler

The action takes place in Illyria: near the sea-coast
and in the palaces of Orsino and Olivia.
The play will be given in three parts, with two short

The play produced by Mr G.E. Hemmings
Scenery and costumes designed by Mr P.J. Askem
Lute music arranged and played by Mr I. Harwood

Stage Management Mr G.E.A. Hammond
Musical Direction Mr M.J. Ades
Lighting Mr G. Parrott
Make-up Mr G. Burroughs, Mr J.L. Grassi
Set Construction Mr R.G.S. Bozeat
Wardrobe Supervision Mr N. Sherrington
Business Management Mr C.J. Ford, Mr L.R. Hart, Mr S.R. Saunders

We wish to thank Miss E.Barr County Drama Adviser for
her advice: the parents and friends who have made the
costumes; and many other helpers within the School whose
names find no place on this programme, but who have made
an indispensable contribution to the production.

source: Gwyn Murfet

The Cast

back: Mike Cogman*- 2 - 3 - 4 - Eric Spires - RP Ogden - Robert Powell - Martin Shalders - 9 - 10 - Chris Bull
middle: Barry Lowe - Graham Hancock - Malcolm Coe - Geoff Davis - Howie Docherty - GC Pollard - Harry Halls - Peter Deasley
front: Geoff Rouse - 2 - Stuart Poole - 4 -5
source: Geoff Rouse: original photo WAG Burroughs
* source: Martin Shalders who points out Mike is not listed in the programme.
Robert Powell, Howie Docherty have also added names

Act II: Scene 5: L-R Geoff Davis (Malvolio) - Geoff Rouse (Fabian) - Harry Halls (Sir Toby Belch) - Barry Lowe (Sir Andrew Aguecheek)
source: Geoff Rouse: original photo WAG Burroughs

Twelfth Night - review in the Spring 1961 Soham Grammarian

When Shakespeare's Twelfth Night was chosen for this year's School production, a not inconsiderable challenge was accepted. For here is a play concerning the most complex of human relationships, presenting a brand of humour immediately alien to our own, and which needs the most careful handling lest it should lapse into farce, and introducing that most enigmatical of characters, Orsino. It is to the credit of everyone concerned that these difficulties were faced and overcome.

With a production of the quality of A Midsummer Night's Dream behind them, the actors had acquired a far greater degree of confidence, and no one more so than Poole acting as Feste. In his performance was an elegance and poise which was a joy not only to the audience but an inspiration to other members of the cast.

It is perhaps the comic characters who first come to mind: an extremely fine portrayal of Sir Andrew by Lowe, who in the Box-Tree Scene completely captured the attention of the audience with his superb dumb-show; the Sir Toby of Halls, transcending difficulties of stature and voice to a remarkable degree; and that inestimable 'figure of fun', Maria. But then we remember the other leading parts: the two 'women', Coe as Viola and Pollard as Olivia, both of whom spoke their lines beautifully and with understanding. Davis in the difficult part of Malvolio acted well, and Docherty gave an effective performance as Sebastian, while Deasley was a truly authentic sea-captain. With the most difficult part in the play, Hancock managed well, although often seeming as undecided about Orsino as most of the audience were. The supporting roles, acted efficiently, unified and brought compactness to the play.

In all parts of the play could be seen the work of the producer, Mr. Hemmings. The standard of verse-speaking he achieved in his actors was high, and their grouping and deployment was most attractive. The scenery, designed by Mr. Askem, was simple yet highly effective, particularly in the Box-Tree scene. Never can more sumptuous and elegant costumes have been made for a school production. All combined to make a truly memorable evening.

Spring 1961 Soham Grammarian provided by Martin Duffield

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The following colour photos were provided by Mr Peter Askem at the 2005 Dinner - they are not in good condition but as colour photos from this period are relatively rare, they are shown - please provide captions and advise in what order they should be correctly shown:

Martin Shalders 31/10/11: I'm in the main photos, playing Curio - speaking about 4 lines but lots of time off, laughs and the smell of makeup!

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