Soham Grammarians: those registering for our 2021 Reunion via Zoom

As at 2 October 2021, 61 had registered (59 last year): for Apologies please scroll down the page

bold: staff  f= family

David Anderson 59*
Peter Beavan '58' *
Richard Berney 68
Don Boud 50
Kevin Brown 63 Germany
Chris Bull 53
Bill Chilcott 50 USA
Kenneth Clift 50
Geoffrey Cross 64
Richard Dean 56
Alan Dench 67
John Dimmock 59
Christopher Dubas (Pearce) 65 Saudi
Martyn Davies 66
Ralph Dunham 59
Peter Evison '67'
Patrick Faircliffe 48
Geoff Fernie 59 Canada
Richard Formby 68
Alan Frost 54
Peter Gipp 46*
Phil Green 68
Vincent Gudgeon 66

* = new since 2002 (7)

Frank Haslam '59'
Stephen Herod '58'
Ian Hobbs 48
Kenn Hunter 67
Peter Jeffery 49
Bill Kelly 55
Ranjit Kurrie 61
Terry Mackender 59*
Donald Monk 50
Carol Morton f
(widow of Michael Morton 54)
Tony Nix 65
Andrew Nunn 55*
John O'Toole: English 63-66 Australia
Barry Parr 62
Eric Pearson 60 Canada
Stuart Porter 59 USA
Ed Reed 67
Bob Robinson 58
italics: unable to attend at last minute, including just a few who had technical problems
David Scott 66*
Peter Scott: Maths 60-72
Peter Scott 59
David Sculthorpe 65
Bob Sculthorpe 63
Brian Smith 63
Peter Smith 59
Trevor J Smith 62 Thailand
Norman Talbot 60
Simon Thornhill 65
Piet Walton-Knight 52
Denis Wilkins 53
David Woodroffe 60
Ivor Wright 43
Roger Wright 49
Michael Yeomans 60 USA
Steve Yeomans 65*

Dr Carin Taylor: Staploe Educational Trust
Sara Coutts: for many years our Reunion Caterer
* first time attenders

Those sending apologies:

 John Ansell SG47
David Beale SG62
Chris Bent SG53
Brenda Bott (Cook 46-56)
Rodney Brown SG48
Nick Cave SG60
David Clark SG69
Colin Cornwell SG45
Fred Eden SG44
Nigel Faben SG59
Lindsay Hancock SG59
Nigel Haslop SG66
Bryan Hollamby, Biology (66-70)
Roger Johnson SG59
John Leaney SG41
John Lester SG65
Brian Lythell SG56
Vaughan Moll SG59
Peter Nicholls SG39
Patrick Paget SG62
Charles Peacock SG44
David Pollard SG'58'
Terry Rule SG55
Roger Smith SG56
Terry Stevens SG48
Roger Sykes SG42
Clive Taylor SG55
Glyn Taylor SG61
Richard Vince SG64
Michael Whymer SG52
Tony Willenbruch SG62
Judith Wood (widow of Gareth
Wood, Chemistry 64-72)
John Woodward SG58

Report on our 2021 Reunion

The 2021 Reunion Talk by Michael Yeomans SG60

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